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[REQ] 離人 by DIMLIM

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Eternally grateful for the lyrics, a subscriber or mine was kind enough to point out they were posted here (I've been waiting on rocklyric and the likes)

With absolute all due respect, I just have one thing to point out - from what I can hear, my interpretation is that 現実/genjitsu has been changed to 今/ima in the song (a pretty common switch I seem to run into!)

Here is my take for a translation, I do drive a YouTube channel (tho never been one to plug myself so it feels weird) and I'll link the video as well.
Thank you, once again!



Who am I? Why does that question rush about in this body?


It’s a curious, mysterious thing that strangely I am “me”…


I hold on to feelings of incongruity for as far as the eye can see

while only being able to feel this pulse

Who am I? That question rushes about in the body

Why is that? Am I alive? I’m here…


I can hear it in the distance…


I feel unsettled with only this heartbeat in my vague consciousness


soon to be dyed white, fading away moment by moment…


This place is……?


By “who” am “I” being kept alive? Am I alive? I don’t know

the answers can’t be given…

Hey? Where is this place? Who am I, who are you people?

There’s no sadness or even suffering……


Aa, if I go to sleep as it is, please,

let it be so that I won’t open my eyes again



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