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ヌリエ(Nurié) new band have formed

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Their first live will be at Ikebukuro EDGE on 2019.07.29. During that live, they will release their first single called 「モノローグ」(Monologue). (1500 yen)


Members :

Singer 大角龍太朗(Oosumi Ryuutarou)

Guitarist 廣瀬彩人(Hirose Ayato)

Bassist 小鳥遊やひろ(Takanashi Yahiro)

Drummer 染谷悠太(Sometani Yuuta)


Tracklist :


2.透明に混ざる。(Toumei ni mazuru)

3.【ばいばい】(Bye bye)


Twitter https://twitter.com/nurie_official

Website https://nurie-web.jp/
















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Vo. 大角龍太朗(Oosumi Ryuutarou) is ex-Malice invitation-->タソガレニ鳴ク。(Tasogare ni Naku.)

Gu.廣瀬彩人(Hirose Ayato) is ex-REVINE(彩/Sai)

Ba.小鳥遊やひろ(Takanashi Yahiro) is ex-ムジナ (Mujina)-->メカクシ (Mekakusi)-->HOLYCLOCK

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to my own surprise i really enjoyed this song - just wondering if they'll play only songs like this or if they'll go heavier as well.

like for a few songs within a band disco i think such songs are totally nice and refreshing to a certain extent but not sure if a band can keep me entertained with only releasing songs like this but i guess the future will show...

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11 hours ago, gret said:


it was an announcement for merch lol. why did they announce such a thing at 10pm...was hoping for a new song or something ngl


That's why I did not post it here because it was...useless

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