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Your given the choice to hang out with any band member of any band for a day. Who would it be and what will you do?

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Professionally, it'd be FUKI from Unlucky Morpheus. I just can't fathom how productive her day-to-day life is and so I'd wanna see it for myself lol.


Casually, it would have to be either Byou from Khryst+ or Hazuki from lynch. Guys are just really into their careers and very chill from what I hear.

Plus Hazuki can teach me fishing and take me with the gang to fish one morning lol.

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Probably Retsu from DIMLIM, so we could talk about the GazettE all day.

Or Kai from the GazettE. He's my favorite member and he could teach me a few things about cooking.

And Kagami from Dexcore would also be interesting. I want to see his work process.


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