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Kaitou Sentai Nusumunja vs. Maria Cross and Ikebukuro Cyber

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So the people have asked me to make a own thread and since these are hard, official allegations on public, retweeted twitter, I decided to make this in the general section and not rumors.


It all began when Kaitou was invited to play as a guest at Ikebukuro Cyber. They don't usually play that venue, but they decided to do so this time.


It then happend that Maria Cross was staffing the drinkbar that night. As we all know Maria Cross is a highly suspicious individual, with former arrest for pedo antics etc. And according to his twitter, he is a regualr at Cyber, being there ~4 days a month and apparently acting as staff. 


Allegedly Maria at the drinkbar then mixed alkohol also into drinks where people requested non-alcoholic beverages (some of my twitter mutal were there, sensed the strange taste and threw it away...), when alcoholic stuff was ordered,  he filled half the glasses with alcohol and also gave alcohol to (un-)willing minors, who identified themselves as such. 


Well, girls were rather offended. Maria then proceeded to hit on the girls and try to exchange line and other contact information. This made a lot of them very uncomfortable. 


The fans proceeded to report this to the band and the band was very upset at these illegal, shady antics that ruined the fun for their fans. Masato did not know a lot about Maria at that point and sent out his first tweet warning people of Maria's behaviour.


People then gave him Maria's twitter and he repeated his warnings and exposure if Maria's account, explicitly doubting how such a pervert could be employed as staff at cyber:


He was also playing a session band soon after and the band had practiced the song "M" by Ayumi Hamasaki. He was very upset, so he exchange the lyrics at somepoint from "Maria" to "Masato" in protest.


I don't find his tweet about not wanting to sing the name Maria anymore, he seems to have deleted it from his official "shitpost twitter" lol.


The whole thing cumulated in Kaitou writing an official complaint E-mail to Ikebukuro Cyber, notifying them of Maria's illegal and suspicious behaviour and requesting a response.



Cyber just gave a random reply along the lines of "We are sorry this happend, we will look into it. Thank you for your patronage." 

Which was not satisfying at all so basically Masato ended his tweet with telling his fans to take extra care and caution when going to Cyber (as they apparently accept shitty behaviour of their staff.)


Well, this and the cyber issue was mentioned in their potcasts a lot where they repeated that such things are inacceptable, fans pay money to have a good time and should not have to be subjected to such shitty treatment....

They got really upset about it.

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ew thats some serious shite

it's very nice of masato to care so much tho. if what maria is accused of is true, i doubt it's his first time, considering that he works there regularly

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17 minutes ago, yomii said:

ew thats some serious shite

it's very nice of masato to care so much tho. if what maria is accused of is true, i doubt it's his first time, considering that he works there regularly

I agree and I read a lot of the jourens comments on this, telling their stories, so I actually think it's true.

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9 hours ago, patientZERO said:

Maria is as gross as ever. Kaitou is probably going to use this to write a new song, and I wonder if they'd get away with parodying Maria.

I don't think we will get a song about him, that would honour Maria too much and the guys are just really pissed at him.


But at least there were a lot of retweets, so people were notified. 


And I also think that this is not the first time Maria is acting like this. It's just that no one called him out in public....

Cyber is a little sh*t-hole with just do-do-do minors playing there anyway....


I honestly feel that Kaitou will not play there again,  even if invited as special guest. Lol


If you think they did a good job, leave a twitter "thank you" under one of Masato's posts, please. :)

Edited by Masato

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Ok.... so Maria has not taken any dates at cyber down, which must mean he is free to keep doing whatever he pleases there.... 


Japan is so terrible in some regards.... 


On the other hand, Kaitou keeps releasing taiban dates, meaning they did not get a live house ban from exposing Maria. I am happy for that. You should not have to end your career for doing the right thing.

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Good to know that they aren't banned! 


I guess this means Ikebukuro Cyber may just be dubious in general huh.


edit: appropriate that this post finally got me out of the Maria's Cross rank 😄

Edited by gret

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8 hours ago, Masato said:

I can't open it...



Hi, it’s Kaitou Sentai Nusumuunja.

Thank you for letting us use Ikebukuro CYBER last time.
But just after the live, we received many worried messages from our fans, so we send you this inquiry.
The matter is about the staff standing at the drink counter at the live event on May 25th.

・when people were ordering alcool, the glass was half filled with alcohol and which made it a very strong drink.They were unable to drink it.
・Though I ordered oolong tea, I got black tea. I complained that I didn’t get what I asked for, but then the staff drank the black tea up and put back oolong tea in that same glass.
・Though I ordered orange juice, was it really orange juice? It looked like there was alcohol in it.
・Though I said I was minor, I’ve been encouraged to drink alcohol. On my way home, I felt sick and vomited.

The messages above are from customers who came to the live.
More than errors regarding the orders and alcohol thickness, the last one (serving alcohol to a minor) is a crime. The heck happened??

And there were many complaints from people regarding other stuff that the drink counter.

・During the live, he came close to me and hugged me against my will. It was disgusting, but he was so strong I couldn’t push him.
・He caressed my head, embraced my shoulders, took my hands. During the live too he hugged me with strength, he touched my belly, took my hands, I felt scared.
・When I was going out of the toilets, he caressed my hair.
・During the live, he pulled be in the back with many strength, I lost my balance and fell.
・In the break between bands, a lumika has been thrown at me. My impression of Kaitou sentai is worsening.
・When I was watching the live next to this person, I’ve been pushed by this person around 3 times. When I fell down, I’ve been worried about getting involved with the other fans. During Kaitou Sentai performance too, he was interfering with me from the side.
・During the live, he put his arms around me from the back. It looked like being in a club, it felt disgusting being accosted by him.

All these messages were from different fans.
Is it okay for someone from the staff to do such things?
Moreover, some of the fans heard him saying “I’m not part of the staff today”.
Are you putting someone who is not part of the staff at the drink counter? Or did he lie saying he wasn’t part of the staff? We couldn’t judge that, but you made dirty a great and long-awaited live.

As it has been able to identify that person, we’ve been alerted by the SNS.

Since such things happened, when we’ll have live in Ikebukuro CYBER in the future, we beg you to take mesure so that this staff member don’t enter the venue.
Thank you.


Here Ikebukuro CYBER.
We’re indebted to you
Sorry for the late reply.
Thank you for your previous live here.

We read your email.
We’re very sorry for making everyone feel some discomfort while you were the guests.
And also, we deeply apologize to all the fans who came, looking forward to your performance, for all the troubles and these stuff that shouldn't happen in a livehouse.

Of course, we’ll make sure that such things don’t happen next time.
Taking into account this matter, we’ll take better measure to prevent any reoccurrence.

Thank you for pointing this out.
We deeply apologize for this matter.

Thank you.



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