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201905Covers-A%E5%86%99-e1557680835357.jI went through all 18 pages and didn't find one for Kiyoharu's solo project, so here we are. Kiyoharu's solo career has been going strong since 2004 even with a meriad of projects along the way with going on 15 albums. Kiyoharu has had plenty of support members for his solo project, but lately he's been performing with just two guitarists, Yoshitsugu Nakamura (Eins:Vier) and Hideyuki Ohashi (not the boxer.). 2019 is set to be a big year for Kiyoharu as he will be releasing commemorate his 25th anniversary in the music industry. Kiyoharu will be 51 this Halloween and even though he has consistently smoked like a train, he remains every youthful physically and in spirit.


Over the years Kiyoharu has used his music to branch out and formed a fashion brand Mardi Gras, helped create a private club in Tokyo called BABYLON TOKYO as well as a pop-up fashion store called GLAM ADDICTION. Kiyoharu released a book in 2011 and will be releasing an autobiography this year which is bound to be a very interesting look into the career and life of someone who exudes cool, but is a total goof in every day life.


I thought that this was way overdue and apropos considering that he's embarking on a new chapter of his career this year with his first show in the USA. 






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