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Most under appreciated albums?

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Probably Virgin by existtrace and Macabre by Dir En Grey.


Virgin because I absolutely love Jyou’s vocals and the guitars on this album are amazing. I’m suprised to see that this band rarely gets any mentions and Virgin is one of my favourite and one of the most underrated VK albums.


Macabre because I love the extreme change in style this album had right after Gauze. I was surprised to hear how more experimental and progressive this album was compared to Gauze. I actually disliked this album at first, but now I consider it to be Diru’s most unappreciated and underrated albums. 

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Voyage ~sans retour~ by Malice Mizer
Gloomy and wakeful night by Vior gloire
Reset ~a revolving lantern~ by カレン


anything by Sioux


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トロイメライ by Dolly - Nobody in the west cared about Dolly when they were around, but this album is pure art-kei pop goodness.


罪と罰 Brand New Capsule XIV by GHOST (VK) - Classic kote-kei with a modern sound. Grieva wishes. 

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