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New band "Unfinish" has formed

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New band "Unfinish" has formed



Vo.スな https://twitter.com/Unfinishnaa
Gt.にこ https://twitter.com/25_unfini
Ba.石倉康司 https://twitter.com/Unfinish_Koji
Dr.冰 https://twitter.com/Unfinish_hyo


They will hold their 1st live at 2019/06/20 at which their live-limited single "-Unfinish-" will be released



02.オリノナカ (Ori no Naka)
03.功罪 (Kouzai)
04.ココロセツナ (Kokoro Setsuna)
05.Re:セカイ (Re:Sekai)







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They're okay. Not bad, but nowt special. If anything saves them, it'll be the guitarist, although I'll give them a chance to see if they improve overall.

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