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Write your favorite vk lyrical lines!

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There are so many i don't even know which one to start with. Here's one that came to mind right now:


GARDEN... wishing that someday I'll be able to meet you always
... In the midst of this passing season, forever... you will...

-Dir en grey - Garden


It may be a little cheesy but these simple words convey so much pure emotions, no matter how you interpret it.


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ill rape your daughter on your grave!


From 'agitated screams of maggots'


Translation - I'll penetrate your daughter's vagina with my penis without her consent while your dead body lies beneath dirt and rocks.


- good ol n edgy DIR EN GREY.



Srs though, most Japanese to English translation makes zero sense.

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Oh yes, my name is Chrismas tree.


KAMIJO (for Lareine)- Lyrics genius


Translation:  *Vocative* *affirmation*, those who raised me were so gracious to give me the legal name of Abies alba or maybe Picea abies.

Alternative translation: Yes, my parents were d*cks.

Alternative translation n° 2: I'm stoned as f*ck.

Edited by Arkady

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shadow cry malia psycho fatal sadness mind inmassmurder


Mediena - Merciless core


translation: idk he sounds pretty mad at something possibly (is "malia" even a word? every time i hear it it just makes me think of the dog breed, malinois, for some reason.)

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She said "I wish a flower"

She said "I'm not the moment"

 - Kamijo (for Versailles)


translation: a certain girl expressed her wish of a flower, noting that she's by any means not a very brief period of time.

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I translated this myself, and my Japanese isn't very good, but there's a part from the xTRiPx song "10+1" I really like.


"Somehow, we managed to raise up a big revolution
What’s left after that storm of passion?
Even if the answer is “zero”, that’s fine
Because life is addition"






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Ah, there are so many amazing lyrics~ These are a few I thought of. Lyrics are under the cut. The translations aren't mine ^^;


the GazettE - ガンジスに紅い薔薇 (Red Roses on the Ganges)



The song is speaking how the protagonist and the girl in the lyrics/story practice different religions. Here is the link for a more in-depth explanation/opinion by the translator: https://heresiarchy.tumblr.com/post/52877011402/the-gazette-ガンジスに紅い薔薇-translation


"February adorned in silence. Palms put together, deep in prayer
To God, who can’t save you–please answer
That feeling the value of life through death means death makes the flowers of life bloom
Withered roses rest with a colourless god 
Thinking of you drowning, I’ll head towards a beautiful darkness" 


寡黙を飾ったFebruary 重ねた掌 祈りは深く
救えぬ神よ どうか回答を
生命の価値を死で感じ その死は生命の花を咲かすと
溺れてる君を抱え 美しき闇へと向おう




Kagrra, - 渦 (Whirlpool) 



The title of the song, Uzu, can have several different meanings: swirl, vortex, eddy, and whirlpool. 


"Tangible things are all the more beautiful because they break

The more fleeting the dream, the brighter the dust as it burns


Is there an end to this swirling vortex of thoughts in the space between heaven and earth?"


形を成す物は 壊れるからこそ美しい
果敢ない夢ほど 輝きを放つ塵と燃える

天と地の狭間で 揺れ動く思考の渦に 結末は或るのか



Buck-Tick - Dress


"Don’t forget, those days when love was overflowing. I can’t even remember your face.
Someday, I’ll probably disappear in the wind.
Now, we can’t remember."


忘れないで 愛あふれたあの日々
君の顔も 思い出せずに
いつか 風にかき消えされてゆくだろう
今は二人 思い出せず


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EVE - Case;A




Translation (dunno how accurate):

"You were always alone
Don’t let the pain in your wrists increase
You’re not sorrow
Above the piling up digits, people are spinning love
Close those eyes
“Trust me”


Basically, the theme of the song is the feeling of loneliness in an increasingly digital, emotioneless world. Then there is of course a clear reference to self-harm, and I appreciate the fact that it spreads a positive message rather than trying to be edgy. For my own reasons, these words in particular speak to me and I hold them cloes to my heart.

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In this dream I'll never wake up from
With the illusion of you
I want to share kisses forever

When I think of you, dear as you were to me
For some reason the tears won't stop

It's too sad, your end
Vanishing in the cold rain

And as the morning rises,
I'll suffer from my depressions again

I will continue singing for you forever
Only in the tears I shed I will find......... Happiness


Madeth Gray'll - "missantroop"

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いつの日か 僕を許そう ヒトを許そう

受け入れよう 消えはしない その影を

Someday I’ll forgive myself, I’ll forgive others

And accept the fact that their silhouettes will never fade

(Arlequin - Kageboushi)



そしてet cetera…

In your eyes I found my own eyes
And then et cetera...

(Közi - Honey Vanity)


Fuck you, fuck you, Monday!

(Kaitou sentai nusumunger - Sazaesan Shoukougun Nichiyoubi No Yoru No Yuutsu)

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My favourite lyrics are from The Gazette’s song “Haru ni chirikeri mi wa kareru de gozaimasu”

“夢ヲ見タ非現実系 自由ニ舞ウ 夢ヲ見タ”


”I dreamed an incredible dream I floated so freely”


I feel it has a special meaning to me

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"My dearest descendant

please stab my belly

Oh so again, please stab my heart" (As Kamijo points to the complete opposite side of his chest from where his heart is) 


- Versailles; The Revenant Choir 

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