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[BUYING] Shopping service for マルコ (Marco) [🙏]

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Hi there~ 


This may be a longshot since no one really cares about them but I'm looking for merch for マルコ (Marco), especially T-shirts, cheki, photosets, and flyers! I would definitely want merch sold at Rei's birthday live on 5/20!!! :))))


I would also like their upcoming live limited cds: 

♥ 5/20 (Rei birthday live) - 人生交差点♥

6/6 (akira birthday live) - da

[older singles]

2018.11.14 白夜ニ魅ル闇 (collab single with Ziggrat)

2018.09.16 僕が僕じゃなくなる日

2018.05.20 拡散放送禁止語録

2017.06.25 金襴緞子


I love this band too much to miss out on getting more of their stuff!! ;w;

Hit me up~*~*~ thank you very much!! :3

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