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new band "ZeroCre" has formed

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new band "ZeroCre" has formed and they will hold their first live at Shibuya REX on May 28. Their 0th single "蜻蛉" will be released in advance at their lives on 9/16, and then will be released officially on 9/17 for 1200 yen.



Vo.ぴぴ (pipi)

Gt.あぷしゅ (appush)

Gt.そら (sora)

Ba.兎咲ミ 桃様 (usagisakimi momosama) (ex-UNFATE --> 黒い11月 (Kuroi 11 Gatsu))

Dr.辛ら (tsurara) (HELLO. (roadie))





[蜻蛉 tracklist]










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They have a strong visual appeal (seriously, never thought someone with cutlery sticking out of their hair could look so good... and that third guy with the purple hair is very cute) and while the song isn't exceptional, it's pretty nice and I'm interested to see where they go. I'm expecting them to sound something like Arlequin with a teeny-tiny bit of early-mid DIV thrown in. Also, I don't actually mind the singer's voice. Again, nothing exceptional, but it's pleasant enough and in no way bothers me.

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So yesterday I was checking various band sites and casually I entered in Zerocre's one, but the first thing that caught my eye was that Usa was removed from the image that shows all the members. At first I thought it was just an error so I checked the profile section and of course Usa was not there too. The first thing that I thought was that he has left the band but in the News section there's nothing about it. I also tried searching in different websites but none provided any information. Does anyone know something about this? Has he left the band or is he in hiatus? I'm kinda worried tbh so any information or teory is welcomed

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On 5/28/2019 at 3:03 PM, suji said:

Actually if you would check out their website, Momosama (which is the correct name) has left the band on May 23 due to differences in direction.




That was fast

Leaving even before the start of band activities 


Looks like a four-member curse for young bands nowadays

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On 5/1/2019 at 6:24 PM, Kiryu999 said:

Band name sucks, the song is cute but it feels like it's missing something. Should have been a little bit longer  

I like them very much - according this song. And wish they shall stay 'in business' long time ❣️

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