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21 hours ago, Zeus said:

So is there a reason why they disbanded or did they give up?


If I had to take a guess, I don't think they ever really recovered after their two previous members suddenly up and left.  What was a pretty dope metal band (IMHO) became watered down once Endigo joined. To me, BatAAr stopped being BatAAr once that happened so in my head, they were already disbanded. I actually liked them A LOT up till that point which is sad. Patrik has some pretty strong ties to the J-rock scene and as much as I may dislike him, he is a pretty dope song writer. If there's anyone in that band that'll bounce back from this, its him.

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Drummer also got a good groove.


Otherwise from what i heard, it was a bit impersonal compositions i didn't feel their personality. Expect maybe for " under isen " which was interesting.

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