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NAZARE new single IDEAL release

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press play once to feel fucked in the die



this sounds like a nokubura track mashed up with a sid classic with a broken DSS record playing in the background, 

and i think they're the funniest band to ever emerge in this scene, not even golden bomber has that.

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Setlist at 2019/06/16 at Takadanobaba AREA :




『a Vain you』












『Beyond the lost happiness』




『Sense of distrust』

『Break it down』





『They Don’t Know About Us』





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I didn't like it much when I first heard it so I thought I'd wait some days but...I still don't really like it, too much high pitch singing tone /major key. His mid / low voice is what I like interspersed with the screaming.
I don't really get why I like yelling / etc but can't listen to the singing equivalent

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12 hours ago, Enki said:

I like mios cleans on the actual recordings but theyre really awful on the live footage that came with the m-card

My impression from the tour final was the same. I like the recorded versions of everything, but they still need some time to practice and grow as a unit to maintain that level for a long live performance. Mio's growls and screams were great, but a lot of the cleans were a little off key and he had trouble hitting some of the really high notes (although they did play almost 30 songs). And Yoh needs to stop waving and pointing at the crowd so much and just play that damn guitar lol.

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