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DIR EN GREY announces new Blu-ray/DVD, single, JP, US and EU tour

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This is a healthy conversation but I still do feel like we wouldn’t be having it had we not gotten this song structure so soon after Zetsu....which came 2 albums after Diabolos, which came after Vinushka


I get where the criticisms come from but if we’re looking at the bigger picture here.....


It’s not entirely his fault. 


This makes me almost wish we got one or the other songs Mercy was composed of instead of 2-3 tracks blended into one.

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DEG just isn't a drummer band, it's time to come to terms with it if you haven't. Even if you're into simple heavy-hitting drumming like I am (most of what passes for "good death metal drumming" after Pete Sandoval came along is soulless dick-measuring crap to my ears), the magic of that kind of approach is gone when you remember that what you're hearing is probably mostly just studio sampling edited into his actual performance.


and yeah, I don't see this band ever releasing something that's well produced/well mastered ever again. that's something else to come to terms with.

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On 9/18/2019 at 2:04 PM, Saishu said:

He basically plays a four on the floor beat almost every time for faster sections, which leaves a lot of empty space. There’s nothing interesting about that when he does it all the time. 

I really don't know that I agree. Empty space is what makes music interesting, and that's why stuff like Animals as Leaders is boring to listen to (IMO) because literally every single second is packed and your ears get fatigued. Without empty space you can't have groove at all


On 9/18/2019 at 9:15 AM, geist said:

it sounds barely distinguishable from VST drums you can program on a computer.

This is all modern rock and metal drums. It's all samples because recording live drums with this type of music isn't what people expect and they think it sounds like a demo. Live drums are also very expensive to record, like prohibitively so,  and I doubt DEG have the budget for that.

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