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Monochrome Heaven's "Best of 20.." Trade-off

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4 hours ago, yomii said:

i'm at that stage when i've got like 14 playlists of songs sorted by year and now i open itunes, look at these playlists, don't know what to do next and close itunes

guess that's what you call stuck lol


And I've got more than thirty songs in some of those lists 😅 A little too long as per the requirement ^^;


I'll be sending mine ASAP. I'm finding it's quite difficult to pick a year and create a reasonable list, lol. 

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I had already tried making 3 or 4 mixes before partners have been revealed. And now I'm having all kinds of doubts..  Do I stick to the year expected? Or do I surprise Zeus with a different one. Do I just go for the best hole-in-one singles from that year that Zeus probably knows (and likes), or do I go a more esoteric route and try to really hit 'em with those deep cuts..


Baaaasically same as @yomii and @CAT5

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1 hour ago, reminiscing2004 said:

I had already tried making 3 or 4 mixes before partners have been revealed. And now I'm having all kinds of doubts..  Do I stick to the year expected? Or do I surprise Zeus with a different one. Do I just go for the best hole-in-one singles from that year that Zeus probably knows (and likes), or do I go a more esoteric route and try to really hit 'em with those deep cuts..


Baaaasically same as @yomii and @CAT5

I sent you a bunch of classics one after the other, so that's what I was expecting too!

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16 hours ago, yomii said:

I'm at that stage when i've got like 14 playlists of songs sorted by year and now i open iTunes, look at these playlists, don't know what to do next and close iTunes


15 hours ago, CAT5 said:

LMAO, same. I've participated in like a million trade-offs by now, but this is me every time I sit down to make a mix and realize how long it takes me:



Yup, me right now. I just have too many playlists.


For each year since 2010, I have a playlist of 30-40 songs that I liked the most, so for this decade, I just tried to see if I could narrow each one down to 13 songs and make a cohesive "album." I also made playlists for the years 2002-2009. Some of them just have this incredible flow to them, but others have songs that are just too fucking incredible.


I think I know which year I'm gonna send my partner, but wtf am I gonna do with the rest

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I had to fight with myself what year to choose because I am a hoarder and get emotionally attached when I love a song. It was a struggle, but I managed to beat myself and press enter and send that mixtape away XD. 

I need to rest for a week after all this work-out haha.

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Here's my review of the mix @Komorebisent me! The year chosen was 2016, which personally was a really weird year for me, so it makes sense I barely know anything here. lol


01 DECAYS - Aesthetics of the transgression

I know who DECAYS are, but I don't think I've ever bothered actually listening to their stuff other than one or two songs. I can't say this makes me interested to check their stuff out. I like a few moments here and there and some of the guitar riffs are pretty cool, but other than that, I'd say this is kinda unremarkable. Not a fan of those vocals as well. 4/10


02 BUCK-TICK - FUTURE SONG - 未来が通る -

Didn't remember this B-T song at first, but I dig it! The dual vocals work really well and once Atsushi's voice comes in... oof. This is standard B-T, meaning it's nothing groundbreaking, but still really fun nonetheless. I'd been meaning to go back into their catalogue for a while now, so this might put me in the mood to do so. Really cool to have a song by them in a 2016 mix too. 6/10


03 BLESSCODE - Imperial City

I think I'd never heard these guys before. Read their name here and there, sure, but yeah. I actually kinda like it? It's kinda generic, but not bad at all. Vocals are really good and the guitarists sound competent enough (nice guitar solo there!). No overkill of electro elements too, which these days is nice. I expected these guys to be on the heavier side and I was pleasantly surprised to hear something completely different. Nice one. 7/10


04 GOTCHAROCKA - Rainfall

Yeah... GOTCHAROCKA remains a no for me. Still haven't forgiven Jui for creating such a bland project like this. I don't really have much to say about the song. It's not bad, but it's not great either and I feel like I've heard it a million times before. Pass. Get me a time machine and get me back to 2006. 3/10


05 KEEL - Swans

Talent! Love KEEL, love this song. 9/10



I wish I still liked lynch. (tagging @cvltic here for no reason at all), but yeah, I don't really care for their music anymore. I respect them as a band that's doing their own thing and carrying the legacy and I sincerely like how big they've gotten over the years and I hope they grow even more (Budokan when?!), but yeah, not into this. It sounds too washed out and really uninspired. 4/10


07 MALISEND - luxuria

Virge outsold! I think I heard this when it came out, but I was meh on it. It's pretty generic, but it's fun enough and I might keep it in rotation for a while, kinda like those filler D'espairsRay tracks during their REDEEMER era. Shame about the vocalist dropping off the face of the Earth though, he seems to be pretty good. 6/10


08 KILLANETH - Apocrypha

I get the appeal, but this kind of sound is not really my cup of tea. There's nothing here I like, unfortunately. :( I kept hoping the song would end everytime I listened to it. 2/10


09 摩天楼オペラ - Fantasia

Woah, whoever worked as the sound engineer of this song (if there was one lmao) is... yikes. Production is a mess. Having said that, I don't mind this one that much. It's good background music. I still need to give that new album of theirs a fair shot, haven't listened to them in what feels like forever. I didn't even know/remember they had instrumental songs like this lol I kept waiting for Sono to come in for like 2 min until I realized he wouldn't. 4/10


10 浅葱 - アンプサイ

I had no idea the good sis has released this single? lmao His voice sounds kinda weird here sometimes, but I love the song! I tend to gravitate towards their (including D here) softer songs the most, so whenever I hear ASAGI singing one of these, it makes me happy. Gonna grab the single asap and give it a spin. Easily a highlight of this mix for me. 7/10


11 JILUKA - Faizh

Copy and paste what I said about KILLANETH here and we're good! I see JILUKA are a moderately big deal around here and it's cool, but yeah, they're not something I fuck with. They seem talented though? 4/10



I had no idea who these guys are and judging from this, I don't think I'll be looking for more. I don't find anything remarkable or interesting about this one, sadly. Pretty ordinary 2010's visual kei and I'm not a fan. 2/10


13 DIAURA - 月光

ayyy I'm glad the mix ended on a high note! Not my favorite ballad from DIAURA as I have some issues with it, but I love it anyway. yo-ka's vocals here soothe my soul to be honest and I can't be mad. Good choice to end things with! 8/10


There was not much I enjoyed here, unfortunately, but I expected something like this since our taste when it comes to visual kei at least seems pretty different from one another, so it's all good. I still liked 6 out of 13 songs, so it's a good enough ratio to me! I'll make sure to check out some of the things I liked and don't have it yet. Thanks for putting together the mix!

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Big thanks to my trade off partner @Shir0! Their trade off mix was based on the year 2014 and our tastes turned out to be very in line that year!!



1.  Kuroyuri to Kage -「浴槽」

This is one of those songs that from the first note I start bouncing in my seat and I can't stop the entire time! Possibly my favorite Kuroyuri to kage song, at least, it's one that leaves me the most memorable impression. Musically the song is my favorite kind of chugfest but it perfectly backs up the the vocals that bounce around like a pinball machine shooting from operatic high notes to gutteral bellows, back up to banshee screeches, and then the more a-typical vk melodic chorus comes in to stitch it all together. This is top teir for me.



2. My BACTERIA HEAT IsLAND - 青空ギロチン 

Transitionally, I found myself wanting to keep the momentum from the first song going, so breaking into the a capella start with only Tenten left me a little curious, but when the beat comes in it's really nice. This song is a lot more melodic and djent-y so it has it's own unique atmosphere from the previous song, but like I said, once it gets going it stands on it's own. And all around just a good choice of MHBI songs. While I love them.. sometimes their songs feel a bit messy, but not this one.



3. MEJIBRAY - hatred × tangle red × hunger red 

Interesting choice of Mejibray song! The first time I listened to this album, I wrote this track off as Dir en grey worship and didn't give it a second thought, even though I didn't really dislike it. Maybe I took for granted there'd be lots of better Mejibray music coming down the line... since that turned out not to be the case, this makes me want to give this entire album another chance. This was a side of Mejibray I could get behind.



4. AvelCain - 花一匁

I could never get into AvelCain, unfortunately. They're not particularly untalented or anything, but there's something in the vocalist's tone that grates on my nerves and in a year that there was a lot of competition for chuggariffic releases, they never won me over.



5. Arlequin - ステラ

Speaking of chuggoriffic, this is my shit! I love how Arlequin are my favorite kind of band that have really strong melodies interlaced with heavy as hell verses or breakdowns depending on the song. This one starts off heavy and rides out on a sweet chorus and I'm here for it.



6. Lycaon - Shadow

I have a bit of love/hate with Lycaon. They started off strong and went downhill for me pretty quickly, I especially don't have fond memories of this album, but "Shadow" was one of the few that I didn't feel particularly strong either way for, and it doesn't seem to have changed much with time. It's just okay for me.



7. DEZERT - 「大塚ヘッドロック 。」

I need to spend more time with Dezert, I remember liking a few songs other people have shared with me in recent years, but I don't think I have any of their older releases before 2017? I like some of the throwback vk stuff they have going on in this song. My curiosity is piqued!



8. BORN - The Stalin

Born is one of those bands I want to like because the have all the elements of other bands that I like but there's just always something that loses my interest when I go to listen to a full album, and I can't put my finger on why. I think they have music that's probably a bit more fun in a live environment that just doesn't hold the same spark in a recording. Even in this song, the riffs are pretty standard, the vocals are fairly monotone... idk, I just need a bit more variety maybe. Again, I don't hate it, but I don't love it.



9. SCAPEGOAT - Akai Bathroom

I love Scapegoat. If Jiluka is carrying he Deluhi torch in my life, Scapegoat fills my void for D'espairsRay. Maybe not in such a direct way as the former, but they've always had a similar vibe for me. Maybe it's just me. lol. I love the creepy lullaby-esque bits in this song and pained screams backing the chorus. It paints such vivid imagery for me.



10.ギャロ - Musou

Another band that understands how to create interesting textures by how they layer their music. This song leans a little much on high frequencies for me, but overall I still like it a lot. Especially when the guitar solo rips.



11. Develop One's Faculties  -フラスコを振ると天秤揺れた

The trend continues. Love love love L O V E this song. I legit just dance the entire time it's on. It's iconic for me at this point. No one does it like them and frankly, no one ever will. Most of my love is in the guitar lines, but everyone of the band members are just insanely talented and they deserve to be way bigger than they are, tbh.



12. The 3rd Birthday - 絶望のカンテラ

I wanted to include them on my mix so bad! But I just couldn't make it fit into the flow I had going well enough, so I'm so happy to hear them make it on to your mix. I miss this band so much. The vocals, the bass. Underrated af. Also, a wonderful end to this mix.



I hope I didn't sound too critical, old reviewing habits die hard, but I loved this mix, so many great artists that I enjoy! Thank you for being my partner when I joined so late, this was so fun!! 10/10 would trade with again. ❤️ 



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Thank you so so so much @doombox for spontaneously joining when we still needed one participant. 

So my partner choose the year 2015  (look at that lovely cover art she made)







1.Heavenly — the LOTUS
It's strange I never heard of them before. The song has great intro/outro and I’m a sucker for cool guitar riffs the sound is pretty chill! Even though I’m not a fan of keyboard synth. It was well balanced and fit into the sound. The vocalist’s voice was good it wonders me why I never checked their stuff out before they’re pretty decent so I shall look into them some time :) 

2.LAYOUT — vistlip
I did try some vistlip songs before but they never caught my attention. The song has an interesting sound in the beginning but I couldn’t get into the vocals I’m not sure how to explain it properly but the transition from talking, singing to harsh was kinda too much for me? Maybe it's just not my cup of tea

3. 六月の雨 八月の雪 — 藍-AI-
A song from AI’s first single “GLASSY SKY” of his solo project the hiatus seemed to have worked wonders. “June Rain, August Snow” is a beautiful ballad and even though it’s a bit lengthy (imo)with 4:40 you don’t really notice that almost 5 min. passed which is important for me cause most lenghty songs turn out to be repetitive but not this one. It’s a ballad that doesnt get boring halfway :D 

4. papillon — Develop One’s Faculties
I can’t say how often I’d listen to this song when hitting the gym it used to be THE song on my playlist to get me pumped up to work out exactly because it’s so energetic and catchy, made endurance training a lot more fun cuz it’s such a fun song and represents this unique Band really well. listening to it sure brought a lot of memories back and I love love looooove the fact that you add them to your playlist too

5.WARUAGAKI — Kodomo Dragon
Another catchy song with great intro but this time it doesnt give “only” happy-go-lucky vibes like it did in the song before. It may also seems like a song full of energy but in a completely different way while papillon was more “fun” this one sounds more “calm and cool” with some harshs and cool guitar riffs. Although it's a song I wouldn't skip but I'd probable only listen to it twice and that's it

Oh booooy I almost forgot about this Band 😧 The song is actually quite playful considering how it goes from catchy to being rather melodic and sweet the longer you listen to it. Kou is a strong vocalist who has such an emotional voice that shines especially in this song when he sings “my blooooooooodddddddd”. Makes me really miss his voice 💔 Thanks for adding this one to your playlist to make me remember 

Maybe it’s the impact of the song before but this song didn’t really leave much of an impression on me? the guitar that appeared around 0:44 was pretty cool and made the sound much more interesting. The middle part with the harshs was not bad either but the synth kinda destroyed it for me again

8.QUALIA — Arlequin
First of all I’m in a love-hate relationship with Arlequin songs lol. I liked most of their stuff up to late 2014/early 2015 everything after that was either a hit or miss for me, Qualia being one of the songs I’d actually rather skip. Listening to it again after all this years made me realize that I used to dislike it a lot more back then. It’s not THAT bad. It has a catchy sound and I appreciate Qualia for the short beautiful acoustic part but that’s all tbh

9.Shinsou — Chanty
A very catchy and enjoyable soft yet energetic rock song, something I really appreciate about Chanty’s work. We don’t have any playful/fancy guitar solos in the middle or anything (except for maybe the last 20 sec.) but Akuta’s voice standing out the most by being as gentle as always. I'd say that in style they remind me a bit of DoF but not because they sound similar, just that they seem compatible to me in their way of being bands with charm you wont find again. 

This song is perfection. I mean it. Can’t even say much cuz I’d just be fangirling lol like Jojo’s Voice is so unique I freaking love how he plays with it and doesn’t fail to match their sound but instead makes it original. Might be because he gave Wajow a melody as base for the composition lol but the end result is superb they immediately catch your attention. It's like they create their own world with their music and once you start listening to them you're entering this grotesque and obscure world. When introducing someone to the Gallo’s music then INCUBUS should be in the top 3 songs to show!

11.KOWAI KURAI — Xaa-Xaa
Title track of their first mini, it’s an obscure song from the perspective of some psychopath that is in love with someone, almost yanderer like. As a (at that time) young band Kazuki and them guys did a splendid job showing us their potential and from what we received over the years they did not disappoint us. Kowai kurai is a very cool VK song and blends in perfectly with the other songs from that mini I do wish xaa-xaa would do something like that again

12.Furuseranayo — liraizo
A kinda jazzy rock song. Yuki has quite a nice voice but I honestly only enjoyed the part starting from the solo till the ending when Yuki’s voice became more soft and emotional(?) overall this song was “okay” imo but maybe only cuz it’s not to MY liking

13.Bizarre — BLESSCODE
An energetic rock intro with strong rhythm. After Masaya’s beautiful voice being wrapped by that incisive rock sound we get a taste of his harsh vocals with an almost piercing deep growl(?) in the background following his clean vocals again and a nice guitar solo. Despite being more of a heavier track it has a surprisingly short engaging melodic part towards the end with Masaya’s voice becoming more and emotional and gentle


Tbh I was surprised to find this song in dombox’s playlist. I’m a huge fan of chaotic and heavy VK songs (if done right) lot’s of screams and growls with intense guitar riffs and pounding drums it’s all here. It’s not my favorite TBS song but it sure is a badass song to headbang to!



10 hours ago, doombox said:

Big thanks to my trade off partner @Shir0! Their trade off mix was based on the year 2014 and our tastes turned out to be very in line that year!!

I hope I didn't sound too critical, old reviewing habits die hard, but I loved this mix, so many great artists that I enjoy! Thank you for being my partner when I joined so late, this was so fun!! 10/10 would trade with again. ❤️ 



Again, Thank YOU for being my partner ❤️ and don't worry you didn't sound to critical rather it was interesting to see what you think about each song and it honestly turned out better than  I thought + it was quite funny like how you have a love-hate relationship with Lycaon like I do with Arelquin or how you decided on the year after mine I almost choose 2015 too haha. I love the fact that there're so many artists I like on your playlist but also some I usually don't listen to and found myself actually enjoying them. Same! I'd be more than happy to have you as partner again some time ❤️ 

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This is a review of @Ro plz's mixtape, which focuses on the year of 2017. It covers a variety of songs ranging from VK, metal, and K-Pop. Normally, one might think this medley of genres would clash, creating an awkward playlist. However, as will be noticed, I think this mixtape worked out quite well!


As a note, I was out of the music scene in general during 2017, so other than a few artists, I have little to no knowledge about many of the artists present here.




01. Boy by EXID (Eclipse)



I’m not familiar with this group, but the song tickled my ears and heart with its tantalizing, slow rhythm. Not only was it catchy, but it also had me swinging along. Each singer possessed a distinctive voice, which helped to give this song a soothing, relaxing atmosphere. A great song to start off the mixtape!


02. Same sort hatred by DECAYS (Same sort hatred)



Other than Shinya from Dir En Grey being one of the singers, I do not know much about this band. It served as a nice transition from the previous track with the electronic beats. Surprisingly, I didn’t find Shinya to be such a bad singer. It’s not the most unique, but it works very well in this song.


03. Pain after Pain by The THIRTEEN (EVIL MAD SCIENCE)



Thumbs up for Mao’s great vocal work in here along with Mizuki’s fantastic guitar playing. It’s one of my favorite songs on this mini-album. The chords grated against my chest as Mao’s low growls and clean vocals vibrated against my eardrums. Despite how it sounds, the thrashing, dark sound, sprinkled in with some lighter tunes (thanks to the occasional piano), made for an interesting and unforgettable track.





Okay, I have a confession to make. I have not listened to any songs by DEG. Same goes for D’erlanger. (Ah, I’m such a bad VK fan!) It’s nothing against the artists themselves, but I feel intimidated looking at their discographies, especially DEG’s, and have no idea where to start. Without any knowledge about either, I found this to be a splendid, heavy, headbanging song. Kyo shouts for a good portion of the song, but I found it suited the intensity of the track perfectly. Also, I love the bass parts that were dripped all over into the music.


05. BLACK OUT DESTROY feat. Hitoki by lynch. (SINNERS)



Another heavy banger, which starts off with an intense screaming followed up with clean singing (overlapped with some electronics, I think?). The intense pounding of the drums carried me along the way while the vocalist kept me hooked on as he alternated between harsh sounds to more melodic vocal tones. And I absolutely loved that somber, heartfelt (and short) guitar solo starting around 1:58. It’s one of my favorite parts, haha. I’m not familiar with lynch. and their discography, but I think this song has convinced me to dig deeper into their releases XD


06. You are We by While She Sleeps (You Are We)



I’m not familiar with this artist at all, so I had no idea what to expect. The song opened up with an acoustic guitar mini-solo, which lulled me into a false sense of calmness until the band’s metalcore sound kicked in with the singer screaming right into my ear. I quite enjoyed the singer’s clean notes as well. Overall, definitely a great headbanger song! As a side note, I laughed a little when I heard the lyrics were in English because I was happy to actually understand what the song was saying, haha :D 


07. Thrown Into the Fire by Trivium (The Sin and the Sentence)



Once again, I’m not familiar with this artist at all, so no idea what I was in for as well, lol. The song started out with some intense chugging with low-tuned bass in the background. It has memorable chorus parts and insanely addictive guitar riffs and licks (if that’s the right term here XD). I’m actually still singing the chorus part in my head as I write this.





BoA! She was one of the Korean artists I loved listening to. Sadly, I haven’t listened to her in such a long time, so it was nice to see that she’s still going after all these years. Mixed in with EDM (using it here very broadly), there were many groovy moments where tapped my foot along with the beat. A jamming song that felt satisfying to listen to. Listening to her sing felt like eating candy – couldn’t get enough of it!


09. Don’t Recall by KARD (Hola Hola)



I was pleasantly surprised to find a co-ed group since I’ve typically seen Korean groups consist of only girls or only guys. It was a nice change up, and it ended up working in the song’s favor. I hummed the entire way, loving the low-chill beat of the song. It had a slower tempo, but there’s still plenty of energy behind each beat. The guy’s rapping part were so darn catchy, too. (I tried to sing along with it, but language barrier issues, lol.)


10. 白濁 by sukekiyo (ADORATIO)



I’ve heard of sukekiyo, but I haven’t listened to their songs ^^; Based on this track, I can see why many people follow their music. The vocals stand out and remain solid throughout even when he sang in high-pitched tones. I was caught off guard by the random violin solo, but it smoothly blended in with the rest of the instruments. I noticed the sexy bass parts underneath the melody, which tingled my earbuds with joy. Lastly, but not least, the last guitar part was an amazing way to end the mixtape.



Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this mixtape (even had it on repeat several times). It’s introduced me to some great artists to check out and new songs to add to my library. Thank you so much for being my partner and putting a wonderful mixtape together, @Ro plz! I would love to be your trading partner sometime again :D


I look forward to reading your review of my stupidly, crazy long playlist XD


Also, many thanks to @Shir0 for hosting this trade-off! I can’t wait to participate in the next one :) 

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On 5/12/2019 at 3:00 PM, saishuu said:

There was not much I enjoyed here, unfortunately, but I expected something like this since our taste when it comes to visual kei at least seems pretty different from one another, so it's all good. I still liked 6 out of 13 songs, so it's a good enough ratio to me! I'll make sure to check out some of the things I liked and don't have it yet. Thanks for putting together the mix!

I knew you wouldn't enjoy anything I put together since our tastes are so abysmally different, so I just picked a year that was important to me and enjoyed putting the mix together :P sorry haha
I'm looking forward to yours!

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Sorry for the long wait. I have been procrastinating a lot XD. Here's my review on @Seimeisen's mixtape. This will be a nice and warm trip into the memory lane <3.


~reminiscing 2005~




1. MUCC - 輝く世界 (Kagayaku Sekai)


Woooo starting a mixtape like THAT ! Boi did I get excited! I love this song. It starts with a slow guitar and Tatsuro's mellow voice and then BAM that bass just wakes you up slowly and then everything just turns into a slow head bang session. I love the little "breaks" in between at the beginning of the song where it just got silent from like few seconds and then cue to slow guitar. Overall, good song, good vocals. It's MUCC, I can't help but love everything XD. Plus I heard this song live and I'm emotionally attached to it.  AND also the lyrics are like "welp this world is crap, I can't get me some love but we'll manage, we'll live"  (I think Tatsuro wrote the lyrics) and honestly I'm here for this vibe.


2. MERRY - 首吊りロンド (Kubitsuri Rondo)


MEERY OMG! I don't think I have mentioned enough times how much of a weak spot I have for Gara's voice? I love that some of Merry's songs have this... how to say... psychedelic Victorian carnival? I don't know why but I always imagine like a dark and twisted background, especially with this song.  This is also part of the "everything sucks" crew of songs. It's not as depressing as the lyrics actually are because the upbeat music helps. But it also creates this sort of a horror themed situation. It's a tune good for a Halloween party. I like it, I support a good twisted themed song with crazy guitar skills. 


3. Alice Nine - 闇ニ散ル桜 (Yami ni Chiru Sakura)


Istg the first few seconds of this song sound like the intro of a rom-com high school movie from 00's. BUT the next few seconds are like "welcome to hell here's your badge". I didn't want to say this but, I just don't really uhm, fancy Shou's voice? Like, don't get me wrong, not saying that he ain't slaying the v-kei game, I just don't think that it's my vibe. I did hear them live and he sounds the same and it's amazing how he can go from that rough growl and akjkshdkhJKSH time to actually singing the lyrics of the song in a sweet voice. It's just something about that tone that doesn't vibe with me. BUT, what that damn guitar do doe? Boiii shtaaaapppp. I just wanted to get up my chair and do head bang and just enjoy the melody. 


4. the GazettE - COCKROACH


Whenever I hear a GazettE song I just remember this video of their fans sitting on the ground and head banging their black hair in sync XD. This song is actually nice for concerts. Like I bet we would have the time of our lives sweating together and just losing our shit on it. I'm not sure if I would enjoy it the same way while doing grocery shopping XDD.  It kinda reminds me of that period in my life when I used to listen to only this type of music. Also the lyrics 🤣, my favorite verse is : "It is good as orange rotted". Honestly the shade XD. A nice tune, pretty sure it sounds awesome at festivals.  


5. 蜉蝣 (Kagerou) - 寂しさと眠れ (Sabishisa to Nemure)


Ok now THIS is much more my style <3. I love this slow jam and almost quiet voice and just escalating into more powerful vocals and instruments, while still maintaining a sort of fragile state, almost hurt and sad feeling. Like when you're crumbled and hurt and you scream away the pain trying to make it go away.  I haven't looked at the lyrics yet but this is what I feel. I kinda wanna put this song on a 'listen when you break up with someone jams' playlist XD. I literally forgot my surroundings as I was listening carefully to the song. Very 00's and nice ❤️, love it ! 


6. D'espairsRay - in vain


Well this takes me back to 2005 ❤️. The first few seconds after the intro, when the lyrics start also remind me of  BT's Iconoclasm 😳 (or maybe that's just me). I like it this song. I like it a lot actually ! There are so many things happening  at once and I'm here for this ! The chorus is probably my favorite part. I love this floating on a cloud sensation it gives me. I LOVE this tune ! I will actually add it in my phone and listen to it. 


7. Dir en grey - 孤独に死す、故に孤独。(Kodoku ni Shisu, Yue ni Kodoku.)


YAS BITCH this is the tune ❤️! I love ittttt omh my gosh. It's a nice coming back to the hardcore-ness of this mixtape while still keeping it smooth. 

This song reminds me of Death Note so much ! My favorite part is the intro that starts slow and melodic and you kinda predict what will await your ears. Again, a nice jam to bang your head on and enjoy during lives. It brings me way back in the day when I was watching anime on TV after doing my homework and just discovered visual-kei. Also the ending was so SUDDEN like DAMN ! I got so crazy for this song, I could still hear it inside my brain even after it ended. 



8. girugamesh - 腐界の闇 (Fukai no Yami)


We had Diru and now we have Giru XD *ba dum ts*. Help, I almost cried when I heard Satoshi's voice 😭. Girugamesh is that one good band that will never get old and their music will always sound good even after all this time. I'm so grateful I got into visual-kei while they were still doing activities and I could have a taste of their good music. And Satoshi's voice ! It blends so beautifully with the rhythm of the melody and just ;A;...I mean it's such a good song dammit. I don't know how many words to use to express how much I like this song.


9. BUCK-TICK - Passion


OH BOI, this is dangerous for me. I can't deal with this song. I knew that their whole music is perfect for anime like Trinity Blood, but this..this is how every gothic anime sounds like for me. No holy water can help after this to erase all the sins XD. We get it Sakurai, you can REST ! Also can we appreciate the music box type of melody that was present in the background for the whole damn song and then it got louder in the end?  That chorus in the back too ! It would be such a great tune for Halloween. It's that good shit I love about Buck-Tick. Just a blend of all the songs in one song and they still work well together while keeping their identity.


10. Sonic Syndicate - Crowned In Despair


Ohhhhh yasss that fine metalcore we all loved so much back in the day (not that we don't love it today too). It's like if someone wanted to describe me in 2005, they could use this song and any visual-kei song XD. I like it. I hadn't listened to this type of music in a while and it really brings me back ❤️. I have no idea what the lyrics say but that doesn't matter, I can bang my head for ages on this. That sweet organ-like sound in the background got me hooked as well. A nice reminder of the good ol' times.


11. AS I LAY DYING - meaning in tragedy


The name of the band and the song are literally me after a day at work XDDD.  But, back to the song. It's on the same vibe as the one above, but this time we say goodbye to goth and hello to a powerful guitar that never gets tired and keeps you alive. I imagine this crowd of people just banging their heads in sync and just having fun. It's the type of songs I would hear at festivals here and just so good for losing your shit for a minute and just having a blast. It's again, very relatable to 2005 me XD. 


12. darkest hour - Tranquil


This is everything but traquil tbh XD. I think I'm actually hearing the lyrics this time. This song also wraps up the entire mixtape nicely. It could be the ending of a very dark movie or anime and nobody would mind. It  sounds fun and it's not just repeating some sounds there, it has some nice surprises if you listen carefully. And that solo guitar is best ❤️.  I don't know if current me will listen to it again, but 2005 me was so into this XD.  It kinda makes me remember some stuff from back then and I don't mind. It's a nice tune that didn't bore me at all. It kept coming back with more exciting parts to enjoy and overall some nice tunes happening. 



Thank you for being my partner, @Seimeisen ! I really enjoyed this throwback and have kept some songs in my phone to listen again and again. 

I hope I did your mixtape justice and I didn't miss some essential points in it. If I did, by all means, let me know :). It was fun to listen to it and I can honestly see the thought and care put in assembling this mixtape. So I really hope I didn't go way too overboard with my excitement XD.

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