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Time to say goodbye

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Hi all MH crew,


I wasn't a very active person here - apparently because of not enough time and other priorities in my life. But just wanna to thank You for all the time I spent here, so much kindness from You all... This journey comes to an end. I'm leaving not because I'm angry, or have sth against You. You all guys and girls are really awesome, and please stay awesome forever :)

It's just because some episodes in my life should've ended muuch time ago. It's one of them - my love for J-music is so weak now, cannot participate anymore in such topics. To be honest with You all: I need some more time and some more space outta internet and internet communicities. That's just it.


To summarize it: thank You so much fo everything, keep going to be always so kind and awesome, and hope we'll meet somewhere on the same highway :) 

With this post please delete my account on MH - won't be back again


Good luck ! :)



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