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Monochrome Heaven's 2019 Banner Contest

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Monochrome Heaven's 2019 Banner Contest


Hey everyone! This is a shout out to all digital artists on the website interested in content creation. It's about time to add some new bands into the rotating banner at the top of the forum, and for that we can use your skills! What better way to show off some skills than in a friendly competition? Here's the basic idea:

  • Create a banner according to the rules which I will define in a moment.
  • Respond to this topic by submitting your banner in a post. Since you cannot edit your post after you submit it, make sure your post is the way you want it before posting. You can submit as many banners as you have time / energy to create.
  • The second phase of the banner contest will be anonymous voting from the community. The top three voted banners will be added to the top and the members who created those banners will be announced then.
  • Winners of the contest will get their screen name in a special color in addition to having their work featured at the top of the forum!


  1. Banner should have dimensions of 800x120.
  2. Banner should have a thin, rounded white outline.
  3. Banner should preferably be a PNG, but a GIF is acceptable if you are interested in making an animated banner.
  4. Banner should in some way relate to Japanese music. Normally, we feature a band at the top, but there is room for creativity.
  5. Banner should have the text "Monochrome Heaven" on it.
  6. Banner should contain material that is Safe For Work. NSFW banners will be automatically disqualified.
  7. Banner submission should remain anonymous until the end for fairness. All banners will be shown at the end.
  8. Banners can contain anything else you think will give you an edge in the competition.


The submission deadline will be open for four weeks, or until May 18th, 2019.


:3 Have fun! I'm excited to see what our members can come up with. :3 





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