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Long Shot Lareine Malice Mizer WTB

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Hey All!


Looking for a few super/insanely rare items below - willing to negotiate prices:


Lareine 1st Demo Tape

Malice Mizer 1th Anniversary Tape

Malice Mizer Sans Logique, Sadness Tapes


Generally interested in all of the early stage releases for Lareine/Malice Mizer, as well as any FC or live venue releases. Know the items I'm looking for are super hard to find (been looking for over a decade!) and generally not sold but if you're looking to sell or happen to see it online I would be eternally grateful for the chance.

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I remember when I was so desperate to get that Laliene tape... I made posts and topics and it just seemed like impossible to ever get. Then it just showed up for sale out of nowhere. It did cost an arm and a leg, but don't lose hope that you'll ever find them!

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