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ユナイト (UNiTE.) new maxi-single, "シトラス / Eyes_Tea_Bitter_Brown" (Citrus/ Eyes_Tea_Bitter_Brown) release

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it was announced at ユナイト (UNiTE.) oneman live "UNiTE. 8th Anniversary oneman live [-U&U's oneworld-]" at 2019/03/30 that their new maxi-single (title not yet finalized) will be released at 2019 summer


they will hold their 2019 summer oneman tour "みんなのおと" (Minna no Oto) since 2019/07/14 at Nagoya ell.FITS ALL to 2019/08/23 at Shibuya WWW X


they will hold their 2019 autumn oneman tour "アンコール" (Encore) since 2019/10/05 at Takadanobaba AREA to 2019/11/04 at Shibuya Stream Hall

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Their new single will be called 「シトラス / Eyes_Tea_Bitter_Brown」「Citrus/ Eyes_Tea_Bitter_Brown」and will be released on 2019.07.10.


TYPE M : 2000 yen + taxes
CD : 
01. シトラス(Citrus)
02. 嘘つきのプレイリスト(Usotsuki no playlist)
03. Eyes_Tea_Bitter_Brown
04. シトラス (Citrus)(off vo.)
05. 嘘つきのプレイリスト(Usotsuki no playlist) (off vo.)

TYPE L : 2000 yen + taxes
CD : 
01. Eyes_Tea_Bitter_Brown
02. ジャスミン(Jasmine)
03. シトラス(Citrus)
04. Eyes_Tea_Bitter_Brown (off vo.)
05. ジャスミン(Jasmine) (off vo.)



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whats up with the pinterest outfit look? What did DCR do to them? :(

also "eyes tea bitter brown citrus" sounds like shitty Chinese translation of "Ice tea with lemon".

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