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emmurée new best album, "19992018" release

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emmurée new best album, "19992018" will be released on June 6. They will also kick off their special event, "emmuree 20th anniversary year special GIGS" with the first event, "GATE OF CHAOS SPECIAL 『黒い夜。』" at Takadanobaba AREA on the same date.


[emmuree 20th anniversary year special event GIGS schedule]

7/4 @ Ikebukuro CHOP:『灯陰』

8/29 @ Meguro Rockmaykan: 『love letter -dark mania-』

9/30 @ Higashi Koenji 20000V: 『EMMUREE』

10/29 @ Ikebukuro CHOP: 『窓の外は、カァニバル。』



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Fuck man the bassline for Inori kills me everytime, finally a static bass cam. I thought this was old footage--they're looking great and defs Sou sounds perfect all the fucking time [2], the little frills he added  to inori were amazing and he seems to be taking care of his voice really well (those high notes in the second track omg)

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their best-album "19992018" will be released at 2019/06/26 (3240yen)



01. 瞬きの裏の瞬間の思想

02. lightless -鈍い闇-

03. リバティ

04. 絵空事の色彩

05. story in heaven (2018retake -19992018-mix)

06. 灰色の空の下で (2018retake -19992018-mix)

07. 瓶詰少女 (love letter2002 Ver.)

08. 種 (2018retake -19992018-mix)

09. ラヴリィ

10. birth -煌めき破裂- (2018retake -19992018-mix)

11. smilé

12. ROSES -骨と薔薇と闇と光-

13. 白い花

14. 楽園 (2018retake -19992018-mix)

15. メリーゴーランド (-19992018-mix)



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