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Any Love Live watchers? Does Saint Snow and Guilty Kiss sound a bit VK?

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Hey guys! So, I've been a bit curious since the release of some songs from Love Live! Sunshine. It started off with their sub unit Guilty kiss, their songs are:



and then, there's Saint Snow, to which I really think is more influenced with VK music. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but that's just how I perceive it for now ouo 

Here's their songs:



PS: scroll down a little till you see the audio to listen to the songs, searching them on youtube is futile. They sound like shit there lol


So yeah, I guess I just wanted to talk about them cuz their songs are so cool! And I absolutely wanna share these to you guys~ tell me what you guys think ouo and yeah, I know they're anime but ya know, maybe a bit VK inspired maybe????

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it could be a tiny nod to the subculture. i think yoshiko/yohane's character seems to be, as well.

saint snow and guilty kiss are the best aspects of love live for sure.





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