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My Favorite Anime

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My favorite anime, that had and will probably stay on the top my list is Yu Yu Hakusho. I started watching it when I was a kid and it was love at first sight.  It's so good I re-watched it like 3-4 times (it has 112 episodes so it takes a while XD) and I still find it amazing. AND they released a special OVA last year ❤️. I literally cried while watching it. I tried buying the manga while I was in Japan but I could only find 3 volumes at Book Off XD. 

They also did a special themed cafe two years ago in Tokyo and although I went overboard with applying for it, I didn't get a reservation :(. Buuut, they did sold merch outside the cafe so I did buy me some posters :). This is my level of hardcore for this anime XD.

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