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DELETER supplies? (EUROPE)

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are there people here who still buy Deleter stuff?

I'm currently looking for those marker sets, Neopiko-2 color sets.


I know the official website:



However shipping from Japan means to pay-tax...


Also I don't know if there is a shop located in Europe who ships/sell them cheaper?


same goes for the paper, I'm looking for something similar to the KENT paper.



Also are there shops in Tokyo selling these stuff?

Animate? Mandarake? 


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idt anyone imports deleter to europe, they're a very minor brand with no established chain distribution outside of japan.


I got their liner pens from yahoo shopping some time ago, they were very good. that will probably be your best/cheapest bet, ordering it from there and hoping that customs won't bother converting ¥ to euro.


same with the paper - your cheapest option is finding a suitable domestic alternative in europe, otherwise buy in bulk ahead so that you only have to pay delivery costs and taxes once.

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