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Physical Media Mockups

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Japan releases a ton of music on CDs, but they don't really press things on other mediums like vinyl and cassette tapes. Especially in the visual kei field, you'd be hard pressed to find anything in these mediums. And, anything you do find on vinyl or cassette is usually extremely rare and expensive. One can always dream though of seeing your favorite Japanese music on a fancy colored vinyl or a weird retro medium like a floppy disc.


That's why I thought it'd be fun to start a thread where people can upload their own mockups of releases they'd like to see on other physical formats. I'll kick it off with one I've been thinking about for a few days now.




ガゼット (the GazettE) - 犯行声明文 (Hankou Seimei Bun)

Red with Black Haze



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^ I would buy that. I don't even really like that mini and I would buy it!


I come up with a lot of vinyl ideas in my head, but I never make mockups because they will probably never happen so why bother I have poor photoshop skills #graphicdesignismypassion


But speaking of the GazettE, I did come up with a vinyl mockup for DIVISION:



           Side B, FRAGMENT [ARTERY] ~ black on white                Side A, FRAGMENT [VEIN] ~ white on black


Single vinyl, limited edition tracklist, one side of the cover appears upside down so you see one cover, flip it over, and get another cover. There'd just be one sticker on each side of the shrink-wrap with the barcode, label logo, etc. so there's no obvious back cover.


I am very impressed in my ability to get all those lyrics onto a single sheet and still leave room to eventually put the credits


Random ideas I haven't visually conceptualised (yet?):

  • DIM: 2xLP, gatefold (each panel has a different picture of the man trapped in an ice cube), ultra clear vinyl, no centre labels, all side/tracklist info laser etched, inner sleeves are transparent with printed lyrics
  • BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY: 2xLP, LP1 on acid green, LP2 on hot pink
  • DEG - 鬼葬 (blue/silver swirl, + booklet maybe?)
  • VULGAR: gold/purple swirl, tri-fold cover
  • Withering to death.: based on first press artwork, box set, 2x red vinyl, 20 6x6" cards (4 stacks of 5; 14 lyric cards, 5 band member cards, 1 artwork/credits)
  • MUCC - 極彩: white with red green and blue splatters
  • 新痛絶: red/blue split, limited version cover but not holographic because that was lame
  • cali≠gari 14: limited cover on silver and gold swirl, regular cover on transparent sea blue with opaque white splatters
  • cali≠gari 13: gold with black splatter
  • cali≠gari 12: limited edition would be on cyan vinyl, regular edition would be on dark blue

I might try making a mockup of one if I'm hopelessly bored in the future



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@Seimeisen Those look nice! I love the idea of a dual cover for Division. There was recently a vinyl release for Castlevania Rondo of Blood's soundtrack and the label who pressed it used that idea. The obi (not pictured) is also double sided:



That Dim concept sounds freaking sleeek. I'd buy that in a heartbeat. And those other concepts sound really great too 🔥

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