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La'Vistier has begun and ended a new era + new unit {mid:night} has formed --> will disband

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On 2/21/2020 at 1:09 AM, ghostpepper said:

Thank you haha I hope you can enjoy~

Hopefully can go tour your place Taiwan again. eating some 711 tea eggs, drinking tasty cheep taiwan beer, and listening to Elva haha ^_^


Cool!You can also try 鹽酥雞 with beer, I think it should be good😄

LE MIROIR NOIR of  Nostalgia Such an epic,I keep repeating listening

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{mid:night} last live has been postponed due to Dr.Gunnar's inability to travel to Japan due to the coronavirus pandemic. They will announce a new date soon.


In the meantime, Kairu new band "En'Cell Dis'Dein" has formed



Also, Gt.Ko'ki has formed his solo project, "Road Noise" and will hold his first live at 大塚welcomeback on 4/27. His first single, "Public Words" will be released soon.






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