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NoGoD new mini-album 『神劇』 release

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I hate it when bands use that symbol for a title because they can't think of anything else. Like how are we supposed to pronounce that, "untitled"??? nvm title just got published LMAO i feel a lot better

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last time they released an actual mini-album (Rashinban), it ended up turning into my favorite release of theirs. I'm curious to see if their sound will change after Karin's departure too.

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On 1/25/2019 at 11:26 AM, Shaolan974 said:

NoGoD new mini-album 『』 will be released at 2019/04/10 (2500yen)



01. masque
02. Borderline
04. far away
05. DOOR

Track list updated

01. Curtain Rises *
02. masque
03. Borderline
04. シアン
05. far away
06. DOOR
07. そして舞台は続く

*DDT プロレス所属 竹下幸之介選手の新しい入場テーマ曲として決定したコラボ曲 「Curtain Rises」のNoGoD ヴァージョンが追加収録決定!!

basically, added Wrestler - Konosuke Takeshita (竹下幸之介)'s entering the fight theme tune in NoGoD version.

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