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コドモドラゴン (CODOMO DRAGON) will release their fourth album, テグラマグラ (Tegra-magra)

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After two years of single after single, コドモドラゴン (CODOMO DRAGON) will finally release a new album, テグラマグラ (Tegra-Magra) on the 12 March, 2019! As with their previous two albums, this one will be released in two types and include 11 tracks. TYPE A (¥3,780) will include a DVD with a music video for the title track, and TYPE B (¥3,240) will include one bonus track, as per usual. If you buy both types, you can fill out a form to get a free pamphlet for their upcoming tour "HEADBANGING"




No tracklist revealed yet, but if the recent 己龍 album can indicate anything, we can expect appearances from: この世界は終わりだ。(Kono Sekai wa Owari da), 毒虫 (Dokumushi), DIRTY×DIRTY, 脳壊ス。(Noukowasu.), 棘 (Toge), and 想葬 (Sousou).


Various stores in Japan will include store-specific bonus items: http://codomo-dragon.net/news_detail/78958

Check out their in-store even schedule, from 12 March to 26 July: http://codomo-dragon.net/news_detail/78957

Their release date in-store will be at TOWER Records in Shinjuku


And of course, their album tour, ヘッドバンギング (HEADBANGING) will last from 16 March to 20 July, with a tour finale on 27 July at マイナビBLITZ赤坂 in Tokyo. See their full tour schedule: http://codomo-dragon.net/news_detail/78955


It's about motherfucking time!!

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2 hours ago, Disposable said:

Fuck yeah. A legit band stuck in the BP Limbo with all the potential in the world. 

Wait what... is that an actual tweet from Akane? 

Edited by sutululu

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