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[SELLING]Lareine, Versailles, Kamijo

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Selling a few spares from my collection to someone whom can give some love to them.






Kamijo solo project:

-LOUIS normal ed. + handsigned autograph + insert 15€
-LOUIS limited ed. type B + handsigned autograph + insert + trading card 22€


-Bara wa utsukushiku chiru lim. ed. + A5 poster 15€

-Métamorphose (NO OBI) 5€

-Fuyu Tokyo first press + insert 10€

-(pamphlet) Tour Le Vent Express 1999 20€ *new* *on hold*



-Jubilee + insert 15€ *new*

-Ascendead Master 10€ *new*

-Prince and Princess + insert 10€ *new*

-knees high socks (never taken out of their original wrapping) 25€

-2008 tour towel (new, never used) 15€


-I also have some BBC Sherlock DVDs and stuff for cheap if anyone was interested (pm me for a list and prices).



All prices do not include shipping fees.

If your total spending is 45€ or above (without shipping fees) I will discount 5€ from the resulting shipping fees OR include Métamorphose as a gift (your choice)

Feel free to contact me with any questions.


I may be open for trading (Kamijo/Lareine/Versailles/New Sodmy) depending on where you are located and what you do offer. I'l looking especially for things like cards/postacards/flyers etc.

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18 minutes ago, Arkady said:

I can put stuff on hold for a week in case you'd need it.😉

aaah i spent 8k yen on manga before holidays and it seems i must be more patient (and lucky) till mid february or so.

btw what about shipping fees if i'm in russia?

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30 minutes ago, CELESTIAL CIEL said:

btw what about shipping fees if i'm in russia?

Cheapest option is: 4€ under 100grams, 5,70€ 100-250g, and 6,50€ 250-350g (NOT counting the discount in case of 45€ purchase)


I might accept trades too in case you have something I'm looking for from any period of Kamijo's career.

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