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2019 Japanese Music Ratings

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This topic is starting to feel like a MH tradition now I think haha. But anyways....


This thread is dedicated to Japanese releases in 2019 that the MH Community will listen to and would like to keep track of throughout the entire year. It’s a nice way of referring back to a list, should you forget if you’ve listened to a certain release yet or not. I know I forget sometimes haha. These ratings can also help those who may want to see which releases are favoring well or not, based on each individual user who you may have similar tastes with.


Feel free to set up your own rating system (Stars, ?/5, ?/10, Best to Worst, Oooh to Eww, etc.), but try and use spoiler tags to save room in your post, and save room on the page for the other members’ rating lists.

Keep this list in mind in the event that we, the MH staff, host a JRock Awards at the end of the year :) .


Last Year's for reference:



Looking forward to seeing everyone’s lists at the end of the year!


Yuyo’s List for 2019:



Purple = Visual Kei

Blue = Rock (and related)

Yellow = Pop (and related)













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Thank you Yuyo. Nice to see this kind of thread in 2019 as well. I totally got myself messed last year due to so many reasons and I couldn't even make mine and other things. I'm still in need to get some releases from last year too.









2019.01.09 _ アクメ(ACME) ラストワンショー





Interest at list:

2019.01.09 _ アクメ(ACME) ラストワンショー
2019.01.15 _ てんさい。- 次回予告

2019.01.30 _ アルルカン - ラズルダズル
2019.02.03 _ WING WORKS - ENTITY
2019.02.13 _ DIAURA - DEFINITION
2019.02.13 _ MUCC - 壊れたピアノとリビングデッド
2019.02.27 _ 摩天楼オペラ - Human Dignity
2019.03.20 _ 己龍 - 閃光

2019.04.03 _ DEZERT - 血液がない!/ Stranger

2019.04.28 _ NAZARE - BEYOND


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Work in progress 


蘭図 (Rands) - Inferiority Complex & Narcissism: 8.5/10 the instruments are incredibly beautiful and haunting


R-Shite - EROGRO: 6/10 could be better could be worse


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I haven't even finished my 2018 list lol


2019 albums and mini-albums rating



— :_7/10_: — great release


Spangle call Lilli line — Dreams Never End


— :_6/10_: — good, average


SYU — Vorvados

でんぱ組.inc — ワレワレハデンパグミインクダ

cali≠gari — 14


Waiting list


On hold




Next releases


02.13    MUCC — 壊れたピアノとリビングデッド
02.27    摩天楼オペラ — Human Dignity
03.13    Sleepyhead — meltbeat
03.20    tricot — リピート
04.03    Jupiter — Zeus ~Legends Never Die~
04.10    ヴァージュ — ガラシャ
04.19    MORRIE — 光る曠野


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Cool! I'll give it a try this year ^^



This is heavenly awesome. - 5/5


This is pretty good stuff. - 4/5


[2019.01.09][Mini-Album] 蘭図 (Rands) - Inferiority Complex & Narcissism


This is not too bad. - 3/5


This is okay... I think. - 2/5


This is - Wait, what the heck did I just listen to? - 1/5



Upcoming Releases


[2019.02.13][Mini-Album] DIAURA - DEFINITION

[2019.03.13][Album] Jupiter -  Zeus ~Legends Never Die~

[2019.03.19][Single] キズ -  平成 (Heisei)

[2019.03.20][Album] Verxina - 教典 (Kyouten)

[2019.06.05][Single] DIMLIM - 離人 


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I managed to keep up last year :D Let's continue.




Constantly on replay


It's good


It's mediocre


It makes my ears uncomfortable


Tried it, Binned it





Waiting list


[23/01/19] ペンタゴン -「カルチャーショック」

[19/3/19] キズ -  平成 

[27/03/19] まみれた - weekly 絶倫マンション 

[05/06/19] DIMLIM - 離人





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Hopefully I can keep it up for this year, but I surely won't listen to many bands, but here is what I listen too.


Kousai Ravel - Mousou Rabbit :2.5: 
(I still think that the vocalist isn't a good vocalist, but musically they are alright)

i.D.A - 神話双星記 :5.0: (I prefer i.D.A above NETH)

NETH PRIER CAIN - 神話双星記 :5.0:

蘭図 (Rands) - Inferiority Complex & Narcissism :2.0:
It's listenable, nothing special, lot's of looping melody, it's smooth, that's all, but 100% not a WOW thing.

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I actually never clicked on last year's thread so I didn't know this was a thing. :D Sounds nice, I'll keep tabs this year for sure.



Stuff I listened to:


[2018.12.19 / 2019.01.14] cali≠gari - 14  :_7.5/10_:

[2019.01.08] 蘭図 - Inferiority Complex & Narcissism  :_7/10_:



Stuff I'm interested in:



[2019.02.13] MUCC - 壊れたピアノとリビングデッド

[2019 spring] MERRY - for Japanese sheeple

[2019.03.04 / 2019.04.19] MORRIE - 光る曠野

[2019.03.20] ヴィルシーナ - 教典

[2019.03.20] La'veil MizeriA - 悲虐色ノ終焉

[2019.05.19 / 2019.05.22] ロマン急行 first release, whatever it is

[2019.06.05] DIMLIM - 離人


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★★★★★ i live for it

[19.01.14] cali≠gari - 14


★★★★☆ that's good

[19.01.08] 蘭図  - Inferiority Complex & Narcissism

[19.01.12] NAZARE - 荊海


★★★☆☆ i'll keep a song or two


★★☆☆☆ not my thing

[18.12.26]R指定 - EROGRO - boooooriiiiing. why do they always produce something that could be great if they just made an effort to make it sound more interesting


★☆☆☆☆ that's bad but not hopeless. maybe next time...


☆☆☆☆☆ ok bye




waiting list:


[19.01.12] NAZARE - 荊海

[19.01.23] ペンタゴン -「カルチャーショック」

[19.01.30] MEIDARA - 鬼来


[19 spring] MERRY - for Japanese sheeple

[19.03.19] キズ -  平成 

[19.4.10] ヴァージュ - Gracia-ガラシャ-

[19.04.28] NAZARE - 荊海 BEYOND

[19.06.05] DIMLIM - 離人


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This time, I'll hold it all the year ! (no)



ALBUM - SINGLE (or EP depends of the number and time of tracks) - MINI-ALBUM (or EP depends of the number and time of tracks)


★★★★★ -From very very good to REAL MASTERPIECE-

[2019.01.16] King Gnu - Sympa


★★★★☆ -From Good to Really Good-


★★★☆☆ -From OK to Nice but not enough for a 4/5-


★★☆☆☆ -From Meh to Maybe some good things but not memorable at all to-


★☆☆☆☆ -I haven't finished that I'm already bored-




[2019.01.14] 空きっ腹に酒 (Sukippara ni Sake) - 泥.ep (Doro.ep)

[2019.01.25] MONO - Nowhere Now Here

[2019.01.25] rib hiat motel - Nude.

[2019.01.30] Base Ball Bear - ポラリス (Polaris)

[2019.02.06] ドミコ (domico) - Nice Body?

[2019.02.06] Sparta Locals - underground

[2019.02.13] amazarashi - さよならごっこ (Sayonara Gokko)



01/18 : As I expected, King Gnu's first major album is clearly a amazing album, I wasn't bored one minute !

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Getting in on this hype so I can actually remember what came out this year and be persuaded to listen to more shit in the process yas. For now it's only the name of the release with a short description. New categories, scores and dates being added in the future.






蘭図 - Inferiority Complex Genuine old school sound and vibes with song variety and Karma. Shows a lot of promise, at its best when total kuroyume worship. Nice



DEZERT/MUCC - 蟲/ガチャガチャムクムク This might get knocked down to shit. DEZERT plays a very MUCC-esque song ( just goes to show how strong the influence is, because the stuff right before and during the chorus is totes MUCC ) with X-Japan sections, a pounding nu metal intro and sweet nostalgic sounding chorus that these two bands are kind of known for. MUCC on the other hand does something that sounds pretty much like you'd expect them to at their most, MUCC-like at this stage. I don't know if either band is capable of better music than this at the respective stages of their career with the other sounding like an UNiTE B-side while encroaching their 50's while the other is like a loaf of wonderbread left out in the rain, but despite of that both of these bands suck now and that's it pretty much it. Still not an offensive release, or I'm not sure maybe it is...










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Third year in a row!
Let's see how this year turns out...





:4.0:(This is good)


:3.0:(Quite decent/has both high and low points, might keep in my iPod)

[2019.01.08] 蘭図 (Rands) - Inferiority Complex & Narcissism

[2019.01.09] ACME - Last One Show

[2019.01.09] AIOLIN - Orpheus


:2.0:(This is pretty bad)


:1.0:(This is SO bad I couldn't even finish it)


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