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2019 Japanese Music Ratings

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This topic is starting to feel like a MH tradition now I think haha. But anyways....


This thread is dedicated to Japanese releases in 2019 that the MH Community will listen to and would like to keep track of throughout the entire year. It’s a nice way of referring back to a list, should you forget if you’ve listened to a certain release yet or not. I know I forget sometimes haha. These ratings can also help those who may want to see which releases are favoring well or not, based on each individual user who you may have similar tastes with.


Feel free to set up your own rating system (Stars, ?/5, ?/10, Best to Worst, Oooh to Eww, etc.), but try and use spoiler tags to save room in your post, and save room on the page for the other members’ rating lists.

Keep this list in mind in the event that we, the MH staff, host a JRock Awards at the end of the year :) .


Last Year's for reference:



Looking forward to seeing everyone’s lists at the end of the year!


Yuyo’s List for 2019:



Purple = Visual Kei

Blue = Rock (and related)

Yellow = Pop (and related)






SYU (GALNERYUS) - Vorvados












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Thank you Yuyo. Nice to see this kind of thread in 2019 as well. I totally got myself messed last year due to so many reasons and I couldn't even make mine and other things. I'm still in need to get some releases from last year too.









2019.01.09 _ アクメ(ACME) ラストワンショー





Interest at list:

2019.01.09 _ アクメ(ACME) ラストワンショー
2019.01.15 _ てんさい。- 次回予告

2019.01.30 _ アルルカン - ラズルダズル
2019.02.03 _ WING WORKS - ENTITY
2019.02.13 _ DIAURA - DEFINITION
2019.02.13 _ MUCC - 壊れたピアノとリビングデッド
2019.02.27 _ 摩天楼オペラ - Human Dignity
2019.03.20 _ 己龍 - 閃光

2019.03.27 _ ラッコ -  離脱る

2019.04.03 _ DEZERT - 血液がない!/ Stranger

2019.04.28 _ NAZARE - BEYOND


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umbrella - ダーウィン (darwin) [2018 album but listened to it in 2019]

Crucifixion's entire discography [only just catching up to them]

RAZOR - Undo

La'veil MizeriA -  悲虐色ノ終焉 (Shoku no Shuuen)


蘭図 (Rands) - Inferiority Complex & Narcissism

the god and death stars - funky ghost hollywood [2018 album but listened to it in 2019]

ゴシップ (Gossip) - 親愛なる鬼畜サイコ野郎(終身)」(Shinainaru Kichiku Saikoyarou (Shuushin) [2018 album but listened to it in 2019]

RAZOR - Undo

キズ (Kizu) - 平成 (Heisei)


ゼツ (Zetu) - おもちゃ (Omocha)

cali≠gari - 14

モンストロ (MonstlloW) - カタストロフィ (Catastrophy)



マチルダ (Mathilda) - キセキニイル (Kiseki ni Iru)


アイオリン (AIOLIN) - Orpheus

NAZARE - 荊海 (Ibara Umi)

仮病 (Kebyou) - 毒針 (Dokubari)

アスティ(Asty) - 夢舞う大泥棒 (Yume Mau Dai Dorobo) 

ペンタゴン (Pentagon) - カルチャーショック (Culture Shock)

Insanity Injection - victim

MUCC - 壊れたピアノとリビングデッド

無能なルシッド (Munou na Lucid) - 侵蝕リフレイン (Shinsoku Refrain)

コドモドラゴン (Codomo Dragon) - テグラマグラ (Tegra-Magra)


R-Shitei - EROGRO

アイオリン (AIOLIN) - Orpheus

Călătorie-カラトリア- - 桃色レイトショウ (Momoiro Late Show) 

アルルカン(Arlequin) - ラズルダズル(Razzle-Dazzle)

Blue Blood Boa - ゼロ

 午前零時。(Gozenreiji) - 好き好き大好き超愛してる (Suki Suki Daisuki Chou Aishiteru)

Călătorie-カラトリア- - AMNESIA








still need to listen or waiting on:
sukekiyo - PASSIO 

悪者 (Warumono) - はじまりはじまり。 (Hajimari Hajimari.)

David - stigmata

DOBE - 性ト死  (Sei to Shi)

ヴィルシーナ(Verxina) - 教典 (Kyouten)

ザアザア(Xaa-Xaa) - 死んじゃったポチの話 (Shinjatta Pochi no Hanashi)

己龍 (Kiryu) - 閃光 (Senkou)

umbrella - Acoustic Select

まみれた (Mamireta) - weekly 絶倫マンション (weekly Zetsurin Mansion)

Hueye -  優しく殺して (Yasashiku Koroshite)

シグマメモリア (Sigma Memoria) - PSYCHOPATH [mini-album]

IIIRD - MISS YOU [single]

NoGoD - 神劇 (Shingeki)

ラク×ガキ (Raku Gaki) - チューチューチェリーヴァンパイア (Chu Chu Cherry Vampire)


DADAROMA - デンドロビューム (Dendrobium)


NAZARE - 荊海 BEYOND (Jingai BEYOND) [mini-album]

R指定 (R-Shitei) - フラッシュバック (Flashback)

David - 創生録II〜Fearless Scenario〜 (Souseiroku II〜Fearless Scenario〜)

DEVILOOF - 鬼 (Oni) 

ヴァージュ(Virge) - Gracia-ガラシャ- 

sukekiyo - INFINITUM

DIMLIM -  離人 (Hanare Hito) [single]

SHIVA - 窒息に遊ぶ (Chissoku ni Asobu [mini-album]

NAZARE - 荊海 CODA (Jingai CODA)


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So far, 2018 is still a better music year than this one.


2019 albums and mini-albums rating


— :_7.5/10_: — very nice, quite special

King Gnu — Sympa

Julia Kent — Temporal

Teeth of the Sea — Wraith

matryoshka — Past Genesis


ヒトリエ — HOWLS

La Dispute — Panorama

毛玉 — まちのあかり

Tallies — Tallies

Town Portal — Of Violence


— :_7/10_: — great release


Yvette Young — Piano EP

HOLY FAWNS   Death Spells


RANDS — Inferiority Complex & Narcissism

standards — Friends

sleepyhead — meltbeat

そこに鳴る — 一閃

Ultramarine — Signals Into Space


Spangle call Lilli line — Dreams Never End

Nieah — 1%

우주 — 선데이서울 Ep.2


a picture of her — Unavailable

あいみょん — 瞬間的シックスセンス

International Teachers of Pop — International Teachers of Pop

フレデリック — フレデリズム2

The Cinematic Orchestra — To Believe

bohemianvoodoo — MOMENTS

ピノキオピー — 零号

Snail's House — Scenery

ミツメ — Ghosts

Jupiter — Zeus ~Legends Never Die~

PassCode — CLARITY

tricot — リピート

フィロソフィーのダンス — エクセルシオール


Kie Katagi — Synesthesia

みゆな —

君島大空 — 午後の反射光


— :_6.5/10_: — had the potential to be a great release


ONE OK ROCK — Eye of the Storm

Bring Me the Horizon  — amo


— :_6/10_: — good, average

MUCC — 壊れたピアノとリビングデッド

でんぱ組.inc — ワレワレハデンパグミインクダ

AliA — AliVe

fulusu — The Voice Between Us/二辺を別つ声

SYU — Vorvados

摩天楼オペラ — Human Dignity



Astronoid — Astronoid

BLACKPINK — Kill This Love

sora tob sakana — World Fragment Tour

Dream Theater — Distance Over Time

柴田聡子 — がんばれ!メロディー

アンテナ — 深い 深い 青
Camilo Séptimo — Navegantes

フジファブリック — F

Nulbarich — Blank Envelope


the shes gone — DAYS

cali≠gari — 14




Waiting list


On hold



Next releases


04.24    the Thirteen — ALONE/アローン
05.24    sukekiyo — INFINITUM



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Cool! I'll give it a try this year ^^ Ratings and short thought blurbs below. Subject to change.



This is heavenly awesome. - 5/5


[2019.04.10][Album] Aimer - Sun Dance and Penny Rain (2 simultaneous album release)

Aimer has become one of my favorite non-VK Japanese artist, and her fifth album, which is a simultaneous release of "two" albums , continues to prove the amazing quality she produces. Both albums had great tunes that I danced to and even hummed to at the same time despite it being the first time listening to the two albums. I also find myself attracted to Aimer's undeniably unique voice that stands out from the crowd. She isn't belting out any soprano notes, but there is a touching and heartwarming characteristic to her singing that she brings out in every song regardless if it's melancholy or joyful. Even if it doesn't float your boat, definitely check it out.


This is splendid. Stellar quality to it. - 4.5/5


[2019.03.19][Single] キズ (Kizu) - 平成 (Heisei)

I had a friend listen to Kizu who thought they didn't sound anything special. Maybe they're right. But I really enjoy them because of the intensity of their songs and how they are not afraid to push boundaries whether it comes to songwriting, production, and/or visual appearances. With the latest single, I read that people disliked the (4D?) production because it takes away the solidity of the actual songs and from the spectacular guitar solos. For me, when I listened to the single, I did feel weird because Lime's voice sounded as though it bounced off the walls in a completely empty concrete storage room. Either way, I think it's still a solid release with fantastic songs, and I am anxiously curious as to what these songs sound like at a live. 


This is great stuff. - 4/5


[2019.01.09][Mini-Album] 蘭図 (Rands) - Inferiority Complex & Narcissism

I've never listened to AvelCain's music, so I can't make any comparisons between the two. Even though this mini-album has seemingly useless instrumentals, it's catchy and hauntingly melodic. It also has interesting and unique guitar parts. At the very least, it's a release that should be listened to at least once even if it doesn't float your boat.


[2019.03.13][Single] RAZOR - Undo

I've been catching up on Razor's music since I was genuinely curious how Ryoga sounded in this band compared to BORN. As a side note, I've listened to BORN's music and seen them live. So while BORN's music might have not sounded 'the best', their lives were a crap ton of fun since Ryoga is a great performer. He's not an atrocious singer, but VK has many more questionable singers than Ryoga. As for this single, I unexpectedly rather enjoyed it, seeing as I already spun the single more than twice, lol. The songs use autotune(?) for Ryoga's voice, but it doesn't really bother me. In fact, I was more swept away by this hard-hitting single, which pounds right into your soul through the work done by the instruments and the well-timed shouting/screaming performed by Ryoga and the rest of the band members. The single certainly packs a ton of fast-paced, intense energy into all three songs, and it doesn't seem to let up even during its less heavier parts. If I had to make a comparison, I would say listening to these tracks is akin to experiencing a "sugar rush". You thoroughly let the feeling of endorphins wash over your body and desperately crave to undergo that incredible high again because you can't get enough of that repetitive rhythm and unnecessarily catchy melodies meshed together with Ryoga's voice. Perhaps I'm being too lenient or biased, but if I had a chance, I would love to listen to these songs live to be entranced by the wild atmosphere it would foster.


[2016.03.06][Digital Single] 凛-Lin-「INNOCENCE」

Back in the day, I was a fan of Lilith because it showed just how far visual kei spread, both geographically and culturally. There is a huge debate as to what constitutes VK, including whether songs should be in Japanese or bands should be based solely in Japan. Whatever your view is, I was thoroughly impressed with Lilith (a China-based VK band) and was sad to find out they disbanded. Luckily, the guitarist of Lilith, Lin, returns with this new single where he embarks on a solo career/project(?) and continues to play his guitar. However, unlike many of the current PSC artists who are instrumentalists-turned-vocalists, Lin doesn't sing and focuses on what he does best - composing music and playing guitar and piano. Instead of wasting time being a singer, he equally dishes out a ton of creative energy during the fast-paced, heavier parts and softer melodies in slower moments. The track is decorated with pleasing guitar riffs, and manages to incorporate piano solos without sounding awkward. The track is about four and a half minutes, but it doesn't feel stifled, boring, or lazy. Emotions are seeping through each note, and it feels like an adventure you'd want to experience over and over again. I'm (most likely) biased, but I'm exited to see what else he creates in the future.


This is pretty good. - 3.5/5


[2019.01.09][Mini-Album] GOTCHAROCKA - グエリラ

It's been a long time since I've heard Jui sing. After Vidoll disbanded, I was quite heartbroken, and hadn't gotten over it by the time Jui created this new band, GOTCHAROCKA. I haven't listened to their previous releases, but this mini-album wasn't too bad. The guitars, I've read, are played by Jun from Phantasmagoria, and his skill playing really shows because I enjoyed those parts the most. Jui's voice is unique and instantly stood out right away. This release now has me curious about their previous works. It's something I'll have to check out for sure.


[2019.01.09][Single] アクメ (ACME) - Last One Show

As usual, the high point for me was Chisa's voice. I've always found his voice unique, but that's just me. The single was pleasant and had some unexpected heaviness to it. My favorite track on the single is "ナマケモノ" with its inclusion of beautiful piano instrumentals. For some reason, I imagined the song could be good for an anime opening/ending.


[2019.01.12][Album] NAZARE - 荊海 (Jingai)

I had a hard time figuring out where to place this. It has memorable guitar riffs/solos and the vocalist can definitely hold a chord especially during moments when he screams, shrieks, and growls. In the end, I think it showcases the great potential this new band possesses and it'll be intriguing to see how their music develops. For those who are into this kind of murky, dark, and heavy music, it's definitely an album worth checking out.


[2019.02.13][Mini-Album] DIAURA - DEFINITION

I have been catching up with DIAURA's works since I last listened to them... four years ago. (Wow, times flies.) Overall, the mini-album is solid and has some nice songs on it that will definitely be spun more than once. So far, my favorite songs are [dignity], Malice, and 断頭台から愛を込めて with its attractive guitar harmonies and riffs. 嘘とワルツを caught me off guard with its jazzy, swing-like beats fused with heavier guitar melodies. Sadly, the mini-album felt lackluster compared to some of their previous albums/mini-albums. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the release, and I'll forever remain a loyal fan of yo-ka's voice. (Completely forgot how he sounded until I revisited older releases and listened to this mini-album!)


[2019.02.14][Single] CLACK inc. - 夜、屋上。(Yoru, Okujo.)

Another band, which I have no idea about, but I really loved this single! Whenever some artists utilize synths in songs, it tends to be a dull and a snoozefest, but Takeru (the singer) sounds absolutely flawless. He undercuts any weakness in the tracks and brings it to life, carrying it all the way through with a strong finish. In particular, it sounds as though track number two, 死亡推定時刻2〜3時、性別女性 , is a heart-wrenching, sad song (please correct me if I'm wrong here), and Takeru's voice really stands out and emotes these feelings despite the usage of autotunes/synths. Aside from his vocals, the guitars, bass, and drums do a fine job of bringing out the necessary sounds and add a depth to each of the songs. I'm looking forward to the next release, and I'll have to jump onto the previous releases since this single sounds darn good!


[2019.02.27][Album] Matenrou Opera - Human Dignity

It's been quite sometime since I've listened to Matenrou Opera's music. The last release I remember hearing from this band was the album, "Justice". Needless to say, I have a lot of catching up to do. However, I decided to dive straight into this album without visiting their more recent releases. Fortunately, this album had some great bangers and provided a variety of tracks, ranging from fast-paced, dark songs to inspirational, hopeful ones as well as slower guitar ballads. Even though it's probably not the best song, I enjoyed how Matenrou Opera incorporated "Cee" (completely instrumental with heavy guitar melodies) since it's not something I see many bands include in their releases. Also, "SNOW" caught me off guard with the saxophone. However, they inserted it right along with the other instruments, which pleasantly surprised me since it managed to not sound completely out of place. Even though there are some who hate it, I liked Sono's unique voice, which manages to bring out their latest compositions. Human Dignity contrasts from their older releases, but it's still worth giving it a shot at least once.


[2019.03.20][Album] ヴィルシーナ (Verxina) - 教典 (Kyouten)

I was quite looking forward to this album after the first two amazing singles, and well, let's start with the positive stuff. I enjoyed the malicious, unnerving SEs and a few songs are quite memorable. Obviously, the tracks from the previous singles are still great (including the remixes), and songs like "投与" stand out. With that being said, the album felt like one long song to me (after listening to it twice). As if this 40-some-minute-long album was an entire concerto. I'm not sure if that was the point or if I'm completely missing something. I also think it's interesting that it was Mar who wrote all the songs. In any case, it's not a bad album, and is quite fun to listen to the overly synthesized, messy tunes.


[2019.03.27][Mini-album] まみれた (mamireta) - weekly 絶倫マンション

I'm not familiar with mamireta's whole discography, but this mini-album was overall a cheeky and bold mini-album that demonstrates how relaxed and nonchalant the band is with their sound. The thrashing, pounding, dark and heavy beats remain and Batsu's silly antics can be heard especially when he burps in some of the tracks. To me, these songs would sound like it would be a ton of fun live. I remember people stating how this release was going to be horrible/terrible compared to their previous release, and I can't speak on that. Nonetheless, I'm intrigued to listen to the rest of their discography because of how playful and carefree it is while also being menacing and malignant-sounding.


[2019.04.01][Single] Avilis - Beginner

I had no idea what to expect when listening to this new band, and I came out pleasantly surprised. After listening to it several times, I found the first track, Beginning, pleasant. In a sense, Beginning and their other tracks are catchy and probably a "run-of-the-mill" VK songs, and the singer (by some) will probably be considered to have an average voice. But there was something I quite enjoyed with its poppish vibes and synths mixed in with hardcore rock. It's standard pop rock, but I'll be interested in seeing how the band develops a unique sound because I think there certainly is potential. Looking forward to what else they release in the future!


This is not too bad. - 3/5


[2019.01.18][EP] Hikaru Utada - Face My Fears

Growing up with songs like "Simple and Clean"/"Hikari" and "Passion"/"Sanctuary", I had high expectations for the EP. Perhaps it's unfair since those songs were created at different stages in Utada's career. Nonetheless, the songs on the EP contains the new theme songs for the recently released videogame, Kingdom Hearts 3 (produced by Square Enix). For this single, I read she paired up with Skillrex to produce this EP. Certainly, I think there are some catchy, upbeat parts to "Face My Fears" and serves an inspirational opening song for KH3. The same applies to 誓い/Don't Think Twice, which is the ending song for the game. The song has a slow-paced rhythm, accompanied by the piano with very little autotune compared to "Face My Fears". However, in the end, I'm not sure if it'll receive as many spins as "Simple and Clean"/"Hikari" and "Passion"/"Sanctuary", but it does have some decent quality to it. (Warning: If autotune isn't your cup of joe, you'd probably want to avoid this EP.)


[2019.01.22][Maxi-single] アスティ (Asty) - 夢舞う大泥棒 

I was fond of their first single, so I bought this one. I enjoyed listening to the Japanesque single, but I think the full force of the songs would come out better if attending a live concert. (Look at the band's YT channel. They have many videos on how to do furis for their songs.) At least the costumes were colorful and bright.


[2019.02.06][Mini-Album] Garak's - Pochi

I don't really know much about this band other than that they came from disbanded bands, which I had heard of but never had a chance to listen to. It was a nice sample of what (I assume) the band plays, and the singer also had a nice voice. Some tracks reminded me of Royz with their combination of synths and guitar tunes. Either way, not a bad mini-album, and I'll be interested to hear what they release next.


[2019.02.27][Single] マチルダ (Mathilda) - 人魚ノ肉 (Ningyo no Mori)

Warning: I haven't listened to their past releases, so my blurb is based on this single alone. Wow whee. This single utilizes a ton of synths. I'm not against bands and/or musicians utilizing synths since I think it can leave room for artists to develop funky, cool tunes. Unfortunately, I don't think it made the songs blow my mind out of this world. However, I also don't think this single is horrible or a sad cacophony of sounds. The singer sounds fine and some parts of the tracks had me tapping my feet sometimes. My favorite song is the most haunting one, くるみ割り人形. The callback to Tchaikovsky's nutcracker song, at the beginning, was a nice added touch, which integrated quite nicely with the rest of the song. In fact, the abrupt change in melody (around 0:17) set up an immediate, stark contrast to Tchaikovsky's delightful, rosy orchestral piece. One part that caught my ear was the high-pitched guitar solo, which sent off vibes of frightening creepiness. Somehow, it worked to highlight the mood and atmosphere of this (probably disturbing) dark song. (It starts around 2:53.) The single might not be winning any "year of" awards, but it's still worth to sample it once to get a feel of newer neo-VK bands.


[2019.03.20][Maxi-Single] 己龍 (Kiryu) -「閃光」(Senkou)

As a random note, I liked the callback to Japanese heritage in the single's cover art. For the single itself, I think the song, Senkou, sounds beautiful with its random harp(?) notes at certain intervals. The rest of the songs... Well, I used to be a huge fan of Kiryu, and I wholeheartedly loved their Shuka Ensen album. Now, I haven't listened to their more recent releases, but this single sounds more of the same of what they used to release back in 2013. Yes, a band who has been in the scene this long usually develops a particular sound, but they develop it or continue grow while still retaining their special trademarks. Kiryu feels stagnant - like they have the ability to produce something fantastic, but it's being hindered, and their creativity remains in the same place. No doubt, the single is fine on its own. But looking at Kiryu's discography as a whole, Senkou (the single) just feels like another solid release, and that's about it. It's a shame because I feel they have more to offer. People blame it on the crazy BRP record label schedule, coupled with Mahiro's eye sickness. Whatever it is, I hope things turn out better for the band, both musically and physically (and spiritually).


[2019.03.27][Maxi-single] Hueye - 「優しく殺して」(Yasashiku Koroshite)

As a note, this new band apparently comes from the same label that Mejibray was signed on with. Moving on, I liked the heavy banger opening in the first track and I thoroughly enjoyed the last track. I think there is some potential shown here in the single, and I'd be interested to see how they develop. People have already said they sound like Mejibray. I hope they move away from that comparison and create their own sound. Only time will tell.


[2019.03.27][Maxi-single] IIRD - Miss You

(Note: I know nothing about this band except that the original singer who was supposed to be there disappeared and the current vocalist used to play one of the instruments. Also, they've formed other bands with the almost exact same lineup several times.) Heavy, grungy, and dark. That's how I would describe the single. I also enjoyed how the acoustic parts in the third track, サキュバス, interlaced with the grungy, moody rock sound. It's their first release with this new singer, so I'm interested to see how they'll develop as a band. Not a bad start for a first single.


[2019.04.03][Best-of Album] Royz - The BEST 2009-2019 [Type B]

After listening to this album, I had mixed feelings about it. I quite enjoyed songs like 'No Fate' and 'Anniversary', however, most of the album felt... empty? No doubt, I was thrilled to hear some of my favorite classic Royz songs in its remastered version. Usually, when a track gets the re-recorded treatment, it sounds better (at least that's the intent). Now, nothing innately about these songs are horrible or unbearable. In fact, I tapped my feet to some of the songs. But many of the tracks simply feel like they were just there. I have read people saying how the nefarious, blood-sucking BPR - the record label Royz is signed on with - demands tireless schedules from their bands (i.e. almost non-stop constant releases, recording YT videos, lives, etc). If that truly is the case, which I suspect is the most likely scenario, then the overall quality of this album represents the hectic schedule. I felt this could have been a great release, but the album feels as though it falls short. Also, it's not a negative comment, but it was weird not hearing a second guitar playing in some of the older songs. I'm so used to Kazuki's playing, lol. If you've never listened to Royz, I'd recommend checking out this album, and then going back to check out the original releases if you can XD


[2019.04.03][Single] アクメ (ACME) - 放課後の飼育 

As usual, Chisa's strong vocal chords are a thumbs up for me. The songs heavy and hard-hitting were entertaining, and the lives songs were all right as well. Even though the title was ridiculous looking, my favorite song on here is "Senkou" since it caught my attention. After listening to this release once, though, I feel it sounds more of the same from their last single. I hope ACME expands upon their music because there is potential for them to sound even better.


This is somewhat listenable. - 2.5/5


[2019.04.03][Mini-Album/EP] Sigma Memoria - PSYCHOPATH

I know nothing about this band, but uh... I had a hard time sitting down and listening to this whole release. I don't think there is inherently bad about this mini-album because I genuinely enjoyed the guitar parts worked into the tracks. (In fact, I think those were the best parts of the mini-album.) And even though some might complain about the singer's voice, I'm all down for weird voices because VK is made up of singers who have crappy, but lovely voices. On the whole, I'm not sure what it is, but I couldn't remember much else memorable aside from the singer and guitar parts. Crossing my fingers that this band will create an even better release next time.


This is okay. I think. - 2/5


This is not a total cesspool... yet. - 1.5/5


This is - Wait, what the heck did I just listen to? - 1/5



Upcoming Releases


[2019.03.20][Single] 無能なルシッド (Munou na Lucid) - 「侵蝕リフレイン」(Shinshoku Refrain)

[2019.04.10][Single] RakuxGaki (ラク×ガキ) - Chu Chu Cherry Vampire (チューチューチェリーヴァンパイア)

[2019.04.13][Album] Jupiter -  Zeus ~Legends Never Die~

[2019.04.17][Mini-album] Merry - for Japanese sheeple

[2019.04.24][Mini-Album/EP] the Thirteen - ALONE/アローン

[2019.04.24][Single] SCAPEGOAT - Rabuka

[2019.05.01][Maxi-Single] Royz - IGNITE

[2019.05.22][Maxi-Single/EP] KHRYST+ - 贖罪 (Shokuzai)

[2019.05.22][Album] ヴァージュ(Virge) - Gracia-ガラシャ-

[2019.05.29][Single] Frantic EMIRY〜second crisis〜 -『Angels Cry / World End』

[2019.06.05][Single] DIMLIM - 離人 (Hanare Hito)

[2019.06.26][Album] RAZOR - 千年ノ調べ (Chitose no shirabe)

[2019.07.02][Single] キズ (Kizu) - ヒューマンエラー (Human Error)


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I'll try it too this year if i don't forget halfway through



5/5 mmmmmh yeah that's some good shit right there

12.01.19 Nazare - Jingai

24.01.19 Mili x FUZI – Victim

13.02.19 MUCC - Kowareta piano to living dead


4/5 good stuff

-> Good album as a whole but no particularly remarkable tracks:

02.01.19 Mili - Within

08.01.19 Rands - Inferiority Complex & Narcissism

09.01.19 ACME - Last One Show

14.01.19 cali gari - 14

13.01.10 amazarashi - Sayounara Gokko


-> Some really good tracks but not impressive as a whole:

09.01.19 POIDOL – Lips

09.01.19 labaiser – Folklore


3/5 it's not bad but probably won't listen to again/ not my taste

07.01.19 DEZERMUCC - Mushi / Gacha gacha Muku Muku

09.01.19 FIXER - FIXER II

30.01.19 Arlequin - RAZZLE DAZZLE

03.02.19 Wing Works - ENTITY

06.02.19 HYDE ft. YOSHIKI – Zipang

11.02.19 Insanity Injection - Victim


2/5 totally not memorable


1/5 8p-sb – Ghost Hotel



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I managed to keep up last year :D Let's continue.




Constantly on replay

[23/01/19] ペンタゴン -「カルチャーショック」

[11/01/2019] Cö Shu Nie - Zettai Zetsumei


It's good

 DEZERT/MUCC - 蟲/ガチャガチャムクムク 

[12/01/2019] NAZARE - 荊海

[19/3/19] キズ -  平成 

[10/4/19]ラク x ガキ -チューチューチェリーヴァンパイア



It's mediocre

[17/04/2019] DADAROMA - デンドロビューム

[30/01/2019] アルルカン - ラズルダズル

[08/01/2019]  蘭図 (Rands) - Inferiority Complex & Narcissism


It makes my ears uncomfortable


Tried it, Binned it





Waiting list


[20/03/2019 ]ヴィルシーナ - 教典 

[27/03/19] ユメリープ - マクロマター

[27/02/19] マチルダ - 人魚の森

[2019.03.20] ザアザア - 死んじゃったポチの話  

[27/03/19] まみれた - weekly 絶倫マンション 

[24/04/2019] The THIRTEEN - ALONE

[05/06/19] DIMLIM - 離人

[24/05/19] sukekiyo - INFINITUM





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Hopefully I can keep it up for this year, but I surely won't listen to many bands, but here is what I listen too.


Kousai Ravel - Mousou Rabbit :2.5: 
(I still think that the vocalist isn't a good vocalist, but musically they are alright)

i.D.A - 神話双星記 :5.0: (I prefer i.D.A above NETH)

NETH PRIER CAIN - 神話双星記 :5.0:

蘭図 (Rands) - Inferiority Complex & Narcissism :2.0:
It's listenable, nothing special, lot's of looping melody, it's smooth, that's all, but 100% not a WOW thing.

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I actually never clicked on last year's thread so I didn't know this was a thing. :D Sounds nice, I'll keep tabs this year for sure.



Stuff I listened to:


[2018.12.19 / 2019.01.14] cali≠gari - 14  :4.0:

[2019.01.08] 蘭図 - Inferiority Complex & Narcissism  :3.5:

[2019.01.16] 仮病 - 毒針  :2.5:

[2019.02.06] SPARTA LOCALS - underground  :4.5:

[2019.02.13] DIAURA - DEFINITION  :3.0:

[2019.02.13] MUCC - 壊れたピアノとリビングデッド  :3.0:

[2019.03.13] RAZOR - Undo  :4.0:

[2019.03.13] THE NOVEMBERS - ANGELS  :4.5:

[2019.03.19] キズ - 平成  :3.0:

[2019.03.20] La'veil MizeriA - 悲虐色ノ終焉  :4.5:

[2019.03.20] ヴィルシーナ - 教典  :4.0:

[2019.03.20] ザアザア - 死んじゃったポチの話  :3.5:

[2019.04.10] ラク×ガキ - チューチューチェリーヴァンパイア  :3.5:

[2019.04.17] MERRY - for Japanese sheeple  :3.0:



Stuff I'm interested in:


[2019.04.19] MORRIE - 光る曠野

[2019.05.11] 蘭図 - Leda Atomica

[2019.05.19] ロマン急行 first release, whatever it is

[2019.05.22] D'ERLANGER - roneve

[2019.05.24] sukekiyo - INFINITUM

[2019.05.28] gulu gulu - 変なメリーゴーランド

[2019.06.05] DIMLIM - 離人

[2019.06.26] RAZOR - 千年ノ調べ

[2019.07.24] ラク×ガキ - バッドラッカー


Adding a non-Japanese section too, just to keep track of things...



Non-Jp stuff I'm interested in:



[2019.03.29] Brutus - Nest

[2019.04.12] Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - Mardom



Non-Jp stuff I enjoyed:


[2019.02.01] Boy Harsher - Careful

[2019.02.15] Truchło Strzygi - Nad Którymi Nie Czuwa Żaden Stróż

[2019.02.25] Malhkebre - Satanic Resistance

[2019.03.01] Drastus - La croix de sang

[2019.03.01] Test Dept. - Disturbance

[2019.03.01] While She Sleeps - So What?

[2019.03.22] Tamaryn - Dreaming the Dark

[2019.03.29] Billie Eilish - WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?


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★★★★★ i live for it

[19.01.12] NAZARE - 荊海

[19.03.13] コドモドラゴン - テグラマグラ🙏🙏🙏


★★★★☆ that's good

[19.01.08] 蘭図  - Inferiority Complex & Narcissism


[19.01.30] MEIDARA - 鬼来

CUTE! release has its bad moments there as i predicted, but i can live with it.

[19.01.14] cali≠gari - 14

[19.01.16] 仮病 (Kebyou) - 毒針 (Dokushin)

[19.03.27] Hueye - 優しく殺して

Instrumentals could be more unique, but that voice! This band is promising.


★★★☆☆ i'll keep a song or two

[19.02.27] 零[Hz] – ZELM

very mixed feelings. 3 songs are just great, but the other ones seemed really, really bad to me...


okay so me and my unconditional love for ni〜ya were prepared to the overwhelming mediocrity and that was exactly what we got. to give this project credit, it sounds very niya-ish, as interview in RR says, he's not sakito to expect something sophisticated. so yeah, it fits him perfectly - simple music, he roared something a couple of times (he's a brutal bassist after all okay), everything in its place. i love his bass playing style - ni〜ya is skilled, but he never shows off. his vocal is plain, as sakito's is, but im not surprised a little bit. this release confirms my thoughts that naito shine their brightest only being together, but im happy to see them active. i can't give it more than 3/5, but you know what - the moment when i heard singing voice of a man i've been fan of for more then 10 years was iconic.

[18.12.26] R指定 - EROGRO

okay with time the second song grew on me but they could do it so much better. meh.


★★☆☆☆ not my thing

[19.01.23] ペンタゴン -「カルチャーショック

 the main song is actually good but too poppy and polished for me to listen. b-sides are uta no prince-sama material. overall verdict: weak, but i must give pentagon a credit - culture shock is their first listenable track for me.

[19.01.10] ゼツ - おもちゃ

not bad for a first demo, but i don't need just another one not bad menhera song

[19.01.23] SYU - Vorvados

i tried to listen to that classic rRroCk again and i still dont like it. 

[19.02.27] マチルダ - 人魚の森

first songs are pretty good, but i wish they were put together better. the band has potential, but now it's a mess

[19.04.05] CHOKE - CHOKE2

they are pretty good i guess, but that genre is not my cup of tea

[19.03.20] ヴィルシーナ - 教典

I liked only the main song and 依存, which appeared on previous release already, so it doesn't even count. the songs are listenable but pretty boring, couple of them are literally ruined by that fucking synth almost every band puts in their songs nowadays. in spite of that, sampling in SEs and some songs was really cool, kudos to that. i think giving them 2/5 is a bit too harsh, but i expected much more since there is hype around them.

[19.03.20] ザアザア - 「死んじゃったポチの話」

First two songs are nice but not to my liking, the third one is for lives obviously. I thought xaa-xaa were worse!



★☆☆☆☆ that's bad but not hopeless. maybe next time...

[19.03.03] RAZOR - Undo

oh no no no no. idk what genre is it but i can't stand that kind of western music and when japanese copycat it it's even more pathetic. no. main song is okay more or less (shoutout to vocalists's quick vibrato), but i don't care much for it.

[19.02.14] CLACK inc - 夜、屋上。

[19.04.03] ACME - 放課後の飼育

I remember Chisa from Vettic so I'm really glad he's going on! But this release is bad. The main song pretends to sound trendy but these synths are a joke. Other three songs on the release are good for nothing, nothing would've changed if they didn't exist at all.


☆☆☆☆☆ ok bye

[19.02.06] GARAK'S – POCHI

[19.02.13] 午前零時。- 好き好き大好き超愛してる。 

i kinda like their creepy cute concept so i tried hard to get into it, but i couldn't. is that because of the voice which is bland and uninspiring? maybe so.

[19.03.27] ユメリープ - マクロマター

First, let me note that this is beyond good and evil and i'm giving this 0/5 not because it's 100% bad. But let's face it - never will i listen to them again lol


waiting list:


[19 spring] MERRY - for Japanese sheeple

[19.03.19] キズ -  平成 

[19.4.10] ヴァージュ - Gracia-ガラシャ-

[19.04.28] NAZARE - 荊海 BEYOND

[19.06.05] DIMLIM - 離人


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This time, I'll hold it all the year ! (no)



ALBUM - SINGLE (or EP depends of the number and time of tracks) - MINI-ALBUM (or EP depends of the number and time of tracks)


★★★★★ -From very very good to REAL MASTERPIECE-

[2019.01.16] King Gnu - Sympa


★★★★☆ -From Good to Really Good-



★★★☆☆ -From OK to Nice but not enough for a 4/5-

[2019.01.25] rib hiat motel - Nude.


★★☆☆☆ -From Meh to Maybe some good things but not memorable at all to-


★☆☆☆☆ -I haven't finished that I'm already bored-




[2019.01.14] 空きっ腹に酒 (Sukippara ni Sake) - 泥.ep (Doro.ep)

[2019.01.25] MONO - Nowhere Now Here

[2019.01.30] Base Ball Bear - ポラリス (Polaris)

[2019.02.06] ドミコ (domico) - Nice Body?

[2019.02.06] Sparta Locals - underground

[2019.02.13] amazarashi - さよならごっこ (Sayonara Gokko)




01/18 : As I expected, King Gnu's first major album is clearly a amazing album, I wasn't bored one minute !

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Getting in on this hype so I can actually remember what came out this year and be persuaded to listen to more shit in the process yas. For now it's only the name of the release with a short description. New categories, scores and dates being added in the future.






蘭図 - Inferiority Complex Genuine old school sound and vibes with song variety and Karma. Shows a lot of promise, at its best when total kuroyume worship. Nice



DEZERT/MUCC - 蟲/ガチャガチャムクムク This might get knocked down to shit. DEZERT plays a very MUCC-esque song ( just goes to show how strong the influence is, because the stuff right before and during the chorus is totes MUCC ) with X-Japan sections, a pounding nu metal intro and sweet nostalgic sounding chorus that these two bands are kind of known for. MUCC on the other hand does something that sounds pretty much like you'd expect them to at their most, MUCC-like at this stage. I don't know if either band is capable of better music than this at the respective stages of their career with the other sounding like an UNiTE B-side while encroaching their 50's while the other is like a loaf of wonderbread left out in the rain, but despite of that both of these bands suck now and that's it pretty much it. Still not an offensive release, or I'm not sure maybe it is...


MUCC - 壊れたピアノとリビングデッド If anything, the new MUCC album is a reminder that miracles can and do happen, and while it's a infinitesimally unlikely to see a long out-of-touch veteran band to kick open the door again, it's at least possible that they'll politely knock on it and open when answered. What I especially like about this album are the clear signs of some veteran savvy and experience which allows them to employ these small experimentations here and there that a young and hungry band can't really pull off without trying to blow over the entire house in the process ( which is of course, to their benefit usually. ) The dub section in the third track, subtle novelty instrument touch on the chorus of the fourth track and so on just employing a wide range of techniques in general. It's not the didgeridoo and triangle up the ass album that some idiots hoped for, and it's not the supposed return of nearly 50 year old men to dabble in an angry young mans game, but it is at the very least a statement that instead of genre hopping from novelty to novelty, from trend to trend like frogs at a pond, MUCC can put everything together and develop organically without embarrassing themselves any further that they already had. 


ACME - Last One Show A strong fucking outing. Absolutely the best kind of music that you can get with this style, kind of like what DIV was at their peak. Lighter contemporary vk with just the right amount of dabbling in metalcore for some colour with respectable musicianship is what takes this over the top and honestly aside from Pentagon's best moments and peak Anfiel, I can't name anything better in the style that's around right now. Chisa's fucking great in this too and it takes me back to the first time I listened to that DIV album with the bird on the cover. Good stuff, but what keeps this down at EH is that it's still unfortunately the kind of vk I find corrosive to the true spirit of the filthy kind of vk that I'm looking for. Totally the best this kind of shit around tho.  


キズ - 平成 A band I expected to fly straight into the good ends up stunted at the respectable yet not quite there eh. The production is already infamous and it well and truly is just shit. The lead guitar kind of buzzes along as this wall of noise that you can't even hear properly unless you want to destroy your hearing in the process, and even when it's tolerable it is just kind of retarded. I mean, in the third track the gimmick just consists of spastic left and right panning of the guitar! But the songs themselves are for the large part quite alright Kizu B-sides, the A-side included, which means it's their "worst", or most insignificant rather, to date. 東京 the middle of the road snoozer has the distinction of being their least inventive track thus far, completely carried by the vocal melody while the production is trying to hide the shitty riffs panning them somewhere in the far back-left. With all that said tho, Kizu is still a great band with loads of spirit and energy and very able musicians. Now we've just hit the first bump on the road after they kept getting more ambitious with each successive release. 


コドモドラゴン - テグラマグラ  The fourth album from a good, albeit flawed band that's easy to like but hard to love, because every time I you want to wrap your arms around them, they pull out the rug from under you. What I mean by that is that they always wimp out at the worst possible times, never committing to the extremes of their sound whenever they hint at doing it. It's vk though, and I'm just projecting. In reality they just do their thing with a distinct style of riffing and vocal performance that occasionally makes them sound more savage than any genericore band like Deviloof and etc. Most of the singles here except the one from the mini shred, even the ballad kind of, and the new songs are okay too! This album is a little bit of a turning back the clock from the mediocre and wimpy WOLFMAN even if it doesn't touch the peaks of their early stuff; and you know maybe they share a lot of similarities with the bands I've filed under shit before, but fuck you I'm partial towards them. At their best, it's some of the most vicious music in the scene. 


RAZOR - Undo Imagine Ryoga with real musicians instead of the mickey mouse crew from Born putting out stuff that's kind of along the lines of ACME's Last One Show in a way; lots of section coming and going with blazing speed with Gazette and Lack-co and the likes as the most accurate reference point.  The title track is A+ with the two B-sides veering a bit into the generizette in sound, although rescued by some fun and genuinely creative derivates from the formula, like the breakdown in ADEPT for example. Anyway, shit ain't special but that doesn't mean it isn't working. Good effort from a band that may just go to places if they keep exploring their sound and eventually expand their creative horizons. 


ザアザア - 「死んじゃったポチの話」通常盤 This fucking band is so consistently veering from the wrong side to the right one, and then back again. Sometimes MUCC, at others late Kagerou and then it's some indie shit and then they come out chugging. If I had vested more time into them I'd probably be able to discern some consistency on their part, but as someone firmly on the outside it's hard. Anyway, this thing does nothing wrong. They're able and quite creative especially for this environment when bands either choose to chug or be a dreadful bore, these guys mix things up by apparently releasing a single with a six and a half minute A-side that unlike the majority of the genre does kind of through places; resolve its conflict and accelerating to a release by the end of it. The most obvious comparisons are MUCC's long ballads from their first four albums, which however can be misleading since this is as xaa-xaa as it comes. The second track could've been an A-side in itself with a more traditional structure and spotlight being largely on its chorus;  and it's still very sweet and the kind of xaa-xaa that's easy to love. The third track is the most nothing out of the bunch, but dude who cares it's better than gozenreiji and all that shit. The closest thing we got to art-kei right now actually? Probably. 


己龍 - 閃光 What can you say about them at this point that hasn't been oft enough repeated the past few years? Some of the best musicians of the scene stand their ground in mediocrity with their talents painfully underutilised. As usual, every once in a while you can catch a glimmer of light shining through somewhere amid the chinese restaurant OST synths that somehow still persist in visual kei like herpes, breaking out when the body is under emotional or physical duress. That said, this is for them a fairly solid single with the A-side being the weakest of the bunch ( but it does have a riff for once! surely on the account of it having been lifted from their older material ) and B-sides making up for it stride. The third track even takes me back to some of their earliest stuff, being a bit more macabre and a bit more varied in instrumentation; actually not even a bit, the seemingly pleasant riffs betray the sinister intents that the vocals come outright with; but as usual with Kiryu the only one sinister here is BP records and the ones betraying me is Kiryu, because surely the next batch of DVD's and singles have already been announced and band the band is hard at work scouring through the members past compositions in order to fill up the BP release quota. Long story short; good single, doesn't touch their peak but doesn't go into the depths either; even at their best now they're just so fucking formulaic and neat & tidy that the more braver sections of the third and fourth track do not provide much comfort. 


ラク×ガキ - 視聴動画 This band tricked me and they have are def occupying a EH+ GOOD - space. This band is using a lot of potentially dangerous elements to make something that somehow sneaks into my bias. For a band so new their vocal melodies are so refined that they must've stolen them from somewhere, and I'm quite fine with it. It's this mix of pop punk melodies with this nu metal menhera sound and more than a healthy portion of influence from Maximum the Hormone ( par for the course in vk ) that when standing on their own crumble like a house of cards, have now found a way to support each other and co-exist harmoniously. Excited for the future because it can go p much in any direction. 





アルルカン - ラズルダズル Who likes this shit, like for real though? I remember when they started that their was just the craziness of it all, and that they were probably the most over the top band in their style with all these electronic sounds and breakdowns and nasty screaming and vocal effects that were about x2 more intense than usual at that time. That was then, this is where we're at now. The ferocity is gone, other bands caught up, the vocalist is too one note to actually feign enough talent to carry a song with more aspirations than to just bang, and even if they wanted to bang they can't, 'cause they're old and their dicks don't work. Avoid. 


ペンタゴン - カルチャーショック This is almost borderline eh territory. I will explain myself by saying that they have character and some dynamic movement within the framework they've set; a framework which they themselves have already moved a couple of times between LP's, but now I've suppose they've settled themselves down to a niche after some identity searching during their early years. I like annoying music and I think it definitely serves a purpose to be annoying... It's just that the whoo-oohs I have no patience for despite that they do with the cheekier mood of the title track with the chorus holding everything together. I suppose for late Pentagon it's one of their stronger tracks and if they keep it like this I'll give them a certain degree of respect for it, which they will certainly go off to lose by phoning in two meandering, who gives a fuck B-sides. Track number 2 especially my god snooze. Again, who likes this shit? Fuck these guys for wasting the potential they had around the second album & subsequent EP. Narcolepsy in music.


 POIDOL - LIPS It's funny that I already started writing this under the "shit" category before I even started the first song. How long will we hear this guitar tone and these riffs in VK by the way? Imagine Codomo Dragon with no personality and being more flirtatious with the Royz-esqueness of this sound and you got something like what the ghost writers of POIDOL envisaged. The cause of POIDOL is to arouse and be fun and to these they've committed themselves to a respectable degree. Are they a little one note? Yes, but so is fucking Codomo most of the time and they make it work. Singer sounds cute, the second track is a prime cut from the style. Fuck it imma maybe bump this to EH. It's very pedestrian nature is off set by my personal bias to something like this. Rigid in its style and by its individual aspects  totally unremarkable, and yet I'd be a lying man if I said it didn't bang throughout its runtime at least a lil. 


NAZARE - 荊海 I had to think this over a few times before opting to place it under the shite category in order to maintain the integrity of this 2019 listening project. If I had to describe the sound of NAZARE, it's a distillation of the history of vk metalcore. In light of bands like Jiluka and DIMLIM it's definitely more restrained and traditional harkening back to more pre and turn of the 2010's metalcore bands instead of these super technical, overblown and clean djenty bands that've resorted to maximising all the tools in the toolkit like the aforementioned Jiluka. NAZARE can still get blazing fast and bang while just doing it in a way that sort of makes you think of the stuff we had still had around a few years back, not only in the riffs but because it just sounds a little rough in a good way. The vocalist puts in a performance that's 110% vk through and through, like the dude just sounds rough around the edges in a way that's vk to me, and this visual keiness of the band is emphasised even moreso during the times when they go for these nu-metal indebted Dir en grey-esque athmosphere building section in Judas and another DAY or bust out the melodramatic synth in 受難 in a way that really only vk bands do. So do I like it? At times yeah, but I think many and myself included are just so bored of this style when its so barebones. While new DIMLIM brings in a variety of elements from different places, NAZARE is all about dat life and when it bangs it does bang and sounds filthy while doing it. Unfortunately a lot of these moments are offset by NAZARE dabbling in some trite mid tempo moments and there is even a weak ballad in the mix. I just get bored of this stuff pretty quick, and it's not doing anything groundbreaking or particularly interesting for me to have any respect towards it musically. Just Issei doing Issei things with a decent crew backing him. NAZARE won't make converts, but fans of the style should get something out of the highlights.


アスティ - 夢舞う大泥棒 It's a band like these when the line "all new vk sounds the same" feels like it could possibly hold some water. I mean god damn, what's the appeal of these guys? Chinese restaurant OST tier oriental gimmick with the same riffing style as all of the other fucking bands but just with less energy than the tippy top tier of the genre. The vocalist sounds cute sure, but the same can be said for the rest of the scene as well at this point when the scene has essentially become one large front for male prostitution. Deleted immediately after the first listen. Embarrassing that this middle of the road nothing shit has fans. 


Insanity Injection - Victim Looking at everything Kyouka's done since Aliene there's no way you'd ever imagine him being in a band that good that was not just good, but in some ways ahead of their time, or at the very least much in tune with it. 

And now, when you look at the cover of this single it looks like he got stuck in a time warp somewhere around the year 2001, and the music kinda sounds like it too. Oddly enough however, the music is actually made out of fairly decent elements and it could even be salvaged if recontextualised, but as it stands what we have here is a budget track made out of d'espairsray mallgoth vibes, Kyouka's impression of the eagles from birdemic and some early 2000's ranging from quite alright to a very bad interpretation of the worst things about D'espairsray. One pair of Kyouka mallgoth pants paired with a neon pink corset out of ten.  


マチルダ - キセキニイル The boys put out a mini and I'm looking for the eject button located somewhere in the Mathilda hype train cockpit. This band started out promising with a blistering mid 2000's riff reminiscent of prime Lolita237q and aicle vibes, only to disappoint ever since with limp wristed riffing and the inability to commit to the perverse, to the grotesque in a way this revival kei does when it's at its best. The first track is quite good with the rather phlegmatic vocal delivery being a nice touch and the final track doesn't totally disappoint either. Everything in the middle fails to convince with a lack of energy and character.  


DIAURA - DEFINITION Lame shit from a lame band doing lame stuff for years and years now, and of course since it's vk and nothing can happen the worst band ( sort of ) associated with AINS is the one to thrive and survive, or at least languish in its niche the longest. Corny synth blares and yo-ka covers himself to some of the worst riffing in the entire scene. Call if he ever hooks up with the guitarists from Valluna again. 


午前零時。 - 好き好き大好き超愛してる。 I'm a sucker for this aesthetic so it's a shame it doesn't hold over to the music itself. A stuffed, asphyxiating sound in all the wrong ways made even worse with the very phlegmatic vocals as monotonous as the guitar sound that just aren't it. At its best this style is done with the dynamic afforded by combining specific traits from all over the visual kei spectrum; vocal melodies from oshare with chugging guitars and 'round back again with jangling 90's guitar melodies in the bad. Gozenreiji adheres to the former two with such religiosity that it might as well had been read from a manual that while in theory I should be all over it, they just suck and have long ways to go despite an acceptable concept. 


MEIDARA - 鬼来 The thing that I can't in VK: chinese restaurant OST instrumentation. Excruciating to sit through this throughly witless and charmless record from a band that'll most certainly not be around in a couple years time. Almost made me think Memento Mori was a good band ( it wasn't ) 


ACME - 放課後の飼育 Okay, consider this a shit + or perhaps a eh - or something like that. ACME's second single of the year makes an ACME novice like myself already more familiar with the patters that are present here. This is a very technically able band that doesn't shy away from mixing things up, on the surface level that is. They're experts at making the same song with different kinds of flourishes that sound remarkably different yet eerily similar every time; it's like painting the sky every time with a different shade of blue, having it remain essentially the same yet distinctly different on the first glance; and while their first single shone somewhat bright with consistency of tone and its relatively brave style of being like a jacked-up mid period DIV, here what takes the single as an individual release down a notch is that it's just bad value. One new song, three live takes from a band that offers nothing in a live setting that translate over to an audio recording and oddly enough a english take of a song released prior. Is it 2008 again, or just an oddity from a band that while quite okay is at best just as unremarkable as the rest of the disparaged cast of 2019 visual kei. 


ゼツ - おもちゃ One of these again. You'll know exactly what I'm talking about once the 2019 genre tropes start rolling in, and despite not being particularly horrible on any front, I'd say that as a betting man I'd never wager on them being commercially or artistically successful in the foreseeable future.  Immediate removal from the music library. 


JUPITER - ZEUS For this one I've decided to try out another format of "review." Firstly, even before putting it on I've mentally relegated it to the SHIT category of my personal rating scale, and now it's 14.45 on the 12th of April and I'm about three and a half minutes deep into the second song of the album, the most obnoxiously Japanese power metal titled "Theory of Evolution," and so far there are no signs to me being wrong on my initial assessment of both Jupiter, this album and Hizaki's career in general. Really in the grand scheme of things his entire career trajectory was a slow, plodding escape from visual kei into emulating his western prog power metal heroes. What was visual kei in early Versailles is obviously gone without a trace other than in the fangirl pandering visuals probably only upheld in order to make ends meet for a band so painfully tacky and objectively generic in a style that's in general so exemplary in bad taste that it's pretty much without a rival. Hizaki can shred, this dude can imitate whoever he is imitating and I'm sure the other members are holding up their own ends as well, but fuck, when can we put the fans of this kind of music into camps far away from the general population? Who likes this kind of pompous, glittery rubbish? You call visual kei formulaic then what about this shit? The fourth track is rocking away them riffs and the vocalist goes whoooo; so I am to imagine that someone somewhere just went ahh? Who's that guy to whom is this is that, sort of expression of their soul or inner being so to speak, the kind of manifestation of what they're about, the shit they fuck whit. This is such fucking pathetically limp wristed noodling with the same faux rocking metal attitude and whenever it isn't sounding X it's only able to do this distinction by sounding like Fozzy. That first verse in Straight into the Fire, dude I mean fuck, can we even get Versailles back at this point. Who in 2019 gets excited about these shred solos that isn't fresh from the deepest jungles of Africa and hearing the guitar for the first time ever? Although banging sticks on rocks is liable to create more dignified and elevating music than this mickey mouse garbage. 


DEZERT - 「血液がない! / Call of Rescue」I think DEZERT gets misconstrued in the same way that a lot of visual kei bands do when they sell out. First of is that they weren't good because they were heavy, and at the state that they're in a return to nu-metal wouldn't change a thing; and then second that this shift was completely unprecedented. This band floundered through it's early years ripping off everybody as it shape-shifted from release to release with maybe the only consistent thing being Chiaki's voice, and that a lot of their subject matter revolved around eating fetuses and so on. In want of a better word I'll call this eroguro, which is probably appropriate since it's 110% a visual kei thing and nothing else. There's just no other genre of music that does these juxtapositions of heavy and cute, dark and sweet nostalgia, and obviously grotesque and quite humorous while also totally serious. This is what DEZERT lost, and they lost inch by inch as they crawled to where they're at now; a some sort of a indie rock band of all things. I don't have time for it.



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Third year in a row!
Let's see how this year turns out...




[2019.03.19] キズ (Kizu) - 平成 (Heisei)


:4.0:(This is pretty good)

[2019.01.08] 蘭図 (Rands) - Inferiority Complex & Narcissism
[2019.01.09] GOTCHAROCKA - グエリラ

[2019.01.12] NAZARE - 荊海 (Jingai)
[2019.02.13] DIAURA - DEFINITION
[2019.02.27] 摩天楼オペラ - Human Dignity

[2019.03.13] RAZOR - Undo


:3.0:(Quite decent/has both high and low points, might keep in my iPod)

[2019.01.07] MUCC×DEZERT - 蟲/ガチャガチャムクムク

[2019.01.09] ACME - Last One Show
[2019.01.09] MAMY - I will catch”ed” yesterday

[2019.01.09] FIXER - FIXER II
[2019.01.10] HAKLO - Another.
[2019.01.15] Lavitte - cinder
[2019.01.16] 仮病 (Kebyou) - 毒針 (Dokushin)

[2019.01.23] majiko - Color

[2019.01.23] SYU - Vorvados

[2019.01.30] アルルカン - ラズルダズル
[2019.02.02] 甘い暴力 - Jibun o korosu, to iu koto
[2019.02.02] シグマメモリア (Sigma Memoria) - PSYCHOPATH
[2019.02.06] ナノ- KEMURIKUSA
[2019.02.11] Insanity Injection - victim

[2019.02.13] 分島花音 - Decade
[2019.02.13] MUCC - 壊れたピアノとリビングデッド (Kowareta Piano to Living Dead)
[2019.02.20] ゴールデンボンバー - Gagagagagagaga
[2019.02.20] Frederic - Frederhythm 2
[2019.02.21] MIMIC - KING MIMIC

[2019.02.27] Zero[Hz] - ZELM
[2019.02.27] マチルダ (Mathilda) - 人魚ノ肉 (Ningyo no Mori)
[2019.03.06] Takanori Nishikawa - SINGularity
[2019.03.06] KANA-BOON - Haguruma

[2019.03.13] 無能なルシッド - 侵蝕リフレイン
[2019.03.13] THE ORAL CIGARETTES - Wagamama de Gomakasanaide
[2019.03.20] ザアザア(Xaa-Xaa) - 「死んじゃったポチの話」
[2019.03.20] HYDE - MAD QUALIA
[2019.03.20] La'veil MizeriA - Shoku no Shuuen
[2019.03.27] Hueye -「優しく殺して」
[2019.03.27] IIIRD - MISS YOU
[2018.04.01] Avilis - Beginning
[2019.04.03] アクメ - 放課後の飼育


:2.0:(This is pretty bad/snooze)
[2019.01.01] マチルダ (Mathilda) - キセキニイル (Kiseki ni Iru)

[2019.01.09] AIOLIN - Orpheus

[2019.01.09] POIDOL - LIPS

[2019.01.09]ラヴェーゼ (Labaiser) - Folklore

[2019.01.09] Mrs. Green Apple - Boku no Koto

[2019.01.18] Hikaru Utada - Face My Fears

[2019.01.22] Asty -『夢舞う大泥棒』(Yume mau oodorobou)

[2019.01.23] ペンタゴン - カルチャーショック

[2019.01.23] vivid undress - Sekirara

[2019.01.30] MEIDARA - Kirai

[2019.02.06] HYDE feat. YOSHIKI - Zipang
[2019.02.06] GARAK'S – POCHI

[2019.02.06] NEVERLAND - Reincarnation
[2019.02.06] 眩暈SIREN - Yuudachi
[2019.02.07] Hitorie - HOWLS
[2019.02.13] ONE OK ROCK - Eye of the Storm
[2019.02.18] sukekiyo - 論外な生き物として
[2019.02.20] AliA - AliVe
[2019.02.27] UVERworld - Touch off
back number *Maxi-Single* Happy Birthday [2019.02.27]
[2019.03.05] BugLug - しこたま/泡沫に咲く柔な花
[2019.03.06] mitsu - OVER
[2019.03.06] NoisyCell - Focus
[2019.03.13] TK from Ling tosite Sigure - P.S. RED I
[2019.03.13] コドモドラゴン (Codomo Dragon) - テグラマグラ
[2019.03.13] SILENT SIREN - 31313
[2019.03.20] 己龍 - Senkou
[2019.03.20] Verxina (ヴィルシーナ) - Kyouten (教典)
[2019.03.27] まみれた - weekly zetsurin mansion
[2019.03.31] GE+IM - アイオライト-STC


:1.0:(This is SO bad/unbearable I couldn't even finish it)
[2019.01.10] ゼツ(Zetu) - おもちゃ (Omocha)
[2019.02.06] SPARTA LOCALS - underground
[2019.02.13] amazarashi - Sayonara Gokko
[2019.02.13] 午前零時。 (Gozenreiji.) - 好き好き大好き超愛してる

[2019.02.27] SEKAI NO OWARI - LIP

[2019.02.27] SEKAI NO OWARI - EYE

[2019.03.06] MIMIZUQ - Namida QUARTET

[2019.02.13] CHAI - PUNK
[2019.03.13] sleepyhead - meltbeat
[2019.03.27] ユメリープ (Yumeleep) - まくろまたー (makuro matter)


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Oh, time for round two. Here's hoping I won't stop updating when winter comes, as last year :D






  NAZARE - Jingai

  Codomo Dragon - Tegra-Magra



  Rands - Inferiority Complex & Narcissism



  Arlequin - Razzle Dazzle

  RAZOR - Undo




Fun releases I'll be revisiting often



A few good songs/moments sprinkled throughout the mediocrity


[Album] MUCC - Kowareta Piano to Living Dead


[Mini-Album] MEIDARA - Kirai


Bland, boring, generic...take your pick


[Maxi-Single] ACME - Last One Show

[Album] Zero[Hz] - ZELM

[Maxi-Single] Munou na Lucid - Erosion Refrain


A genuine modern masterpiece





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I may or may not forget to update this and I've never done this before, but here we go. Also, I can be a bit shit at staying on top of new releases, but maybe this'll encourage me to listen to more stuff. Also, I may shift releases up and down the scale depending on whether or not I change my mind.


😍 (LOVE!)


😊 (Pretty good!)

* DIAURA - Definition

* ACME - Last One Show


🙂 (Not too bad)


😕 (Eh)


😴 (-.-~zzz)


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I never end up with very much on my list, but I'm going to at least try to use this to remind myself about some releases I've been putting off listening to.


Last update: April 13th



:5.0:Could see myself listening to this ten years from now

:4.5:Favourite releases of the year



^Some of the parts feel a bit awkward, but I think it turned out cute overall. You can really feel how much Takeshi loves BALZAC.


RAKUxGAKI - Chu Chu Cherry Vampire [video]


WANIMA - Good Job!! [Spotify]

^Again is good too, but I really love Nagisa no utakata. I'm a sucker for the horny, immature side of WANIMA, and the video is kind of gloriously tasteless.



Ziyoou-vachi - Kaen [Spotify]


THURSDAY'S YOUTH - Anachronism Pt.1 [Spotify]

^It's a pleasant listen, but I really wanted at least one more upbeat or quirky track and a bit less Kosei angst. I thought #Songwriter sounded great in the live preview they posted, but the recorded version feels a bit flat.

:3.0:Good enough

Shinoyama Kosei - Junkyard #1 [Spotify]



Asty - Yume mau oodorobou [Spotify]

^I'm not wild about their attempts at the "wafuu" sound, but Ringoame is adorable

:2.0:Disappointing or not my style



^I really, really wanted to like them after Wings, but I'm not feeling it.

:1.0:Couldn't finish it

Releases I want to get around to eventually:

Frederic - Frederhythm 2 [Spotify]
Bentham - MYNE [Spotify]
ACME - Last One Show [Spotify]
CHEMISTRY - Moshimo / Yakou Bus [Spotify]
kolme - Hello kolme [Spotify]
V6 - Super Powers / Right Now
amazarashi - Sayonara gokko [Spotify]

MIMIZUQ - Namida Quartet

été‏ - Apathy [Spotify]

Yuya Matsushita - Black Neverland [Spotify]

Airo Maeda - Korosareta.. [Spotify]

ATOM ON SPHERE - The Secret Life Of Mine [Spotify]

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I'm terrible with these things but I'm gonna keep trying until I do it right lol. Gonna link to the single or lead track from each release if possible.



AmPm - To Start from Zero

CIRRRCLE - Mental Health

CIRRRCLE - Too Fragile

Hikaru Utada - Face My Fears



Kvi Baba - 19

MIYAVI - 1000 Miles Away

MUCC - 壊れたピアノとリビングデッド

Newspeak - Maybe You're So Right, Gonna Get My Shotgun

Unwork - The Lights, The Nights





MONSTA X - SHOOT OUT (Japanese Ver.)

Riri (feat. Junoflo) - Luv Luv

三代目 J SOUL BROTHERS - Yes we are

Suchmos - In The Zoo

Yonyon & Hitomitoi - Overflow (変身)




BAND-MAID - Bubble

CHRONOMETER- Evolution into the roots

DedachiKenta - Remember Me



ONE OK ROCK - Eye of the Storm


WANIMA - Good Job!!




Jua - Be in love




Last update: April 15th

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