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SATOKI (ex-ヒャクモノガタリ (hyakumonogatari)) solo project "少女S" (Shoujo S) has formed

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少女S (Shoujo S) will release their first album, "PARANOIA" sometime in April 2020! The release commemoration party will be during Satoki's birthday live at Kichijoji Crescendo on 4/14.




Live video spam:








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Tr.1 ショウジョノユメ-Instrumental- (Shoujo no Yume)

Tr.2 優しさの箱 (Yasashisa no Hako)

Tr.3 弱虫クエスト (Yowamushi Quest)

Tr.4 City girl

Tr.5 ×回目の春 (Eme no Haru)

Tr.6 シャングリラ(Shngrila)

Tr.7 宇宙と海月 (Uchuu to Kurage)

Tr.8 見世物小屋グランギニョル (Misemonogoya Grand Guignol)

Tr.9 負け犬の遠吠え (Makeinu no Touboe)

Tr.10 innocent

Tr.11 Call me QUEEN


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