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The Piass

Sleepyhead will release their second EP 『meltbeat』 !

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The band have announced that their second EP 『meltbeat』 will be released on 2019.03.13.


Complete edition : 8800 yen + taxes

CD :

01 phase 2
02 meltbeat
03 heartbreaker
04 akubi_girl


01 meltbeat (PV + making-of)

02. 「the opening of phase 2」 (a document about the mini album with live digests etc ; 40 minutes)

+ million dollar orchestra Bluetooth earphone

+ one moon chip


Regular edition : 1800 yen + taxes

CD :

01 phase 2
02 meltbeat
03 heartbreaker
04 akubi_girl







On another note, the band have begun to sell some 3D VR clips ! It is available as of yesterday until 2019.12.27.


There is "HOPELESS" (clip + making-of) (500 yen) or two clips "HURT OF DELAY" and "HOPELESS" (500 yen each) which will be taken during the event ”birthday scream party” on 2018.05.12.



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