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A9 will release best-of albums「風月ノ詩」and「花鳥ノ調」

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To celebrate their 15th anniversary, the band will release a best album in two types on 2019.04.24 ! 


[風月ノ詩] (fûgestsu no shi) :

CD :






M6.the beautiful name


M8.Le Grand Bleu


M10.GEMINI-I-the void

M11.GEMINI-II-the luv


[花鳥ノ調]  (kachô no shi) :

CD :





M5.銀の月 黒い星※シングルF+IX=YOU収録









A tour called 「ALIVERSARY」will begin on 2019.05.04 and will end on 2019.08.10. The final will be at Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall.



2019/5/4(土祝) TSUTAYA O-EAST 〜ヒロト 生誕祭2019〜
2019/5/10(金) さいたま新都心VJ-3
2019/5/12(日) 柏PALOOZA
2019/5/18(土) 山形ミュージック昭和セッション
2019/5/19(日) 盛岡CLUB CHANGE WAVE
2019/5/25(土) 浜松窓枠
2019/5/26(日) 京都FAN J
2019/5/28(火) 高松DIME
2019/5/30(木) 山口 LIVE rise SHUNAN
2019/6/1(土) 宮崎SR BOX
2019/6/2(日) 鹿児島CAPARVO HALL
2019/6/8(土) 甲府CONVICTION
2019/6/9(日) 長野JUNK BOX


風月 (Fûgetsu)

2019/6/15(土) 金沢エイトホール
2019/6/16(日) 奈良NEVER LAND
2019/6/22(土) 新潟NEXS
2019/6/23(日) 郡山HIP SHOT 〜沙我 生誕祭2019〜
2019/7/6(土) 福岡DRUM LOGOS 〜将 生誕祭2019〜
2019/7/7(日) 長崎DRUM Be-7
2019/7/13(土) 仙台RENSA
2019/7/15(月祝) 札幌PENNY LANE24
2019/7/18(木) 滋賀B-FLAT
2019/7/20(土) 松山サロンキティ
2019/7/21(日) 岡山CRAZYMAMA KINGDOM
2019/7/26(金) 名古屋ボトムライン
2019/7/28(日) 大阪BIG CAT 〜Nao 生誕祭2019〜








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The best albums will be released in a third version, which includes them and two DVDs with live footage.



 DVD 1 (3rd disc)

 2018年 12月 24日「Alicemas 2018 ~A9 with orchestra~」at 品川 プリンス ステラ ボール (24/12/2018 "Alicemas 2018 ~A9 with orchestra~" at Shinagawa Prince stellar ball):

  1 - Planet nine ~invitation~ (SE)
  2 - I.
  3 - 闇 ニ 散ル 桜 (Yami ni chiru sakura)
  4 - 九龍 ~nine heads rodeo show~ (Kowloon ~nine heads rodeo show~)
  5 - Asylum
  6 - Birth in the death
  7 - Undead party

 DVD 2 (4th disc)

 2019年 1月 6日「絶対 "黒" 領域」at なんば Hatch (6/1/2019 "Zettai 'kuro' ryouiki" at Nanba Hatch):

  1 - Planet nine ~invitation~ (SE)

  2 - ヴェルヴェット (Velvet)
  3 - Rainbows
  4 - Royal blood
  5 - Memento
  6 - ~Dice~
  7 - Heart of gold




"花鳥 ノ 調" reads "Kachou no shirabe".


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I had trepidations about this best of album. So far the previews haven't disappointed. I'm particularly digging this new rendition of Fantasy, which has a much more crystal clear sound. As for 風月ノ詩, I'm most looking forward to hear the full version of Dice. I feel they have put a lot of thought into the re-arrangements.

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18 hours ago, Elazmus said:

Had to look for a long time to realize Shou isn't wearing half-rimmed glasses lol

Yeah same. even though I know he's just haphazardly thrown some war paint on, it still catches me off guard from time to time.


On 4/24/2019 at 9:45 AM, Mr.0 said:

Both are also available on apple music!

Also Google music!  Which worked better for me since I don't have any apple product and I like to be able to listen to all my music using one music player. 

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This tour is their  last tour for their 15th anniversary.

Their last date is the 10th August  and the band will make a big announcement.

 For their real anniversary,  24th August, the band organized a live at Shinkiba STUDIO COST, this live name Beautiful Beast Fest.


Sources :





Have any ideo of their announcement 😔

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