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Kaya new special project, "Road to 15th Anniversary" + new cover album, "DRESS" release

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Kaya has unveiled a new project, "Road to 15th Anniversary" to celebrate his upcoming 15th anniversary as a solo singer - which will be commemorated in 2 years.


To commemorate the start of this project, a crowdfunding campaign has been made for the production of his new cover album, "DRESS" (presumably to be released in June 2019), which is a culmination of his past covers done at his CafeNOIR lives. Those who contribute are also able to request songs to be put on the album and will receive unique awards based on the amount of their contribution (up to 100,000 yen). The crowdfunding campaign will begin on December 13, and will end on February 28.


Brief summary of rewards list:


1500 yen - Kaya support plan A

  • A basic thank you for the support
  • Congrats, you're a peasant so therefore you don't get SHIT 😈


3500 yen - Special cover album "DRESS" crowdfunding limited edition delivery plan

  • Previous reward
  • right to request tracks for "DRESS"
  • special limited edition of "DRESS"

Delivery date: June 2019


5000 yen - Kaya support plan B

  • Another thank you message???
  • (doesn't say anything else, but I believe the rewards for the 3500 yen tier should come with this)


6000 yen - Limited original pouch plan

  • Previous rewards
  • + special original pouch


8000 yen - "Backside peeping plan of Kaya" (...)

  • + recording & close up offshot footage data


12,000 yen - Kaya〜Road to 15th Anniversary〜 special thanks plan

  • + your name posted on the album booklet under Special Thanks
  • Autographed card
  • Raw delivery viewing rights to celebrate album production




15,000 yen - A thank you message from Kaya

  • Previous rewards (12,000 yen & below)
  • + a personal thank you message from Kaya - in video form! (footage will be 2-3 min, talk theme can be specified)
  • + a signed letter delivered to you from Kaya

Limited: 20 contributors each


20,000 yen - Photo collection plan

  • + 2006-2018 Photo Collection - features offshot and unpublished photos selected by Kaya
  • + an invitation to a secret tea party to celebrate album completion
    • Event will be held on June 2019 in Tokyo, will be 1 1/2 hrs
    • Transportation fees will be charged separately
    • Limited: 15 contributors
  • OR an invitation to the tea party NIGHTTIME edition
    • Events/performance will differ from DAYTIME edition
    • Limited: 15 contributors

30,000 yen - Picnic with Kaya

  • + picnic with Kaya in May 2019
  • bring a nice lunch box
  • Transportation fees are separate
  • Memorial photos


50,000 yen - Recording tour plan

  • + an invitation to Kaya's recording site which will be implemented in Tokyo in March 2019
  • Transporation fees are separate
  • Memorial photos

Limited: 5 contributors


100,000 yen - One-to-one live

  • Kaya will hold a special live JUST FOR YOU~*~*~
  • Can bring a friend
  • Transporation fees are separate, yadda yadda
  • Memorial photos

Limited: 3 rich motherfuckers


150,000 yen - COMPLETE PLAN

  • ALL the campaign rewards, including 15,000+ yen rewards
  • Choose either daytime or nighttime tea parties (20,000 yen reward)
  • Choose either handwritten or video message from Kaya (15,000 yen reward)

Limited: 5 rich motherfuckers





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well damn


Well anyway, yeah the crowdfunding reached above its goal when it just fucking started. The site Muevo itself was even flooded with requests from overseas users who had trouble signing up, so they had to give them their email to instruct them on how to use the service since it's Japan-only.


However, the "DRESS" mini-album (I don't even remember them saying it was a mini but ok) will be a full album IF the crowdfund reaches 200%.

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WOW... all three pladges of 150.000 Yen (one for only 5 people, another for 3 people and the last for 2 people) go SOLD OUT..

Edited by Serox

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4 minutes ago, Serox said:

WOW... all three pladges of 150.000 Yen (one for only 5 people, another for 3 people and the last for 2 people) go SOLD OUT..

Rich motherfuckers I tell ya....or maybe Kaya stans are THAT crazy lmao

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The campaign has reached 170% (over 1.5 million yen). Kaya also specifies that DRESS will be released in 2 types (limited edition for crowdfunding donors, and regular edition for us mere mortals) and hints that there might be more "gorgeous and fabulous" things to come if the campaign reaches 300%...



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his cober album "DRESS" will be released at 2019/06/23 (2 types)


Crowdfunding special edition for those who participated to the crowdfunding, they will have a special gift + regular edition (3500yen)



愛の讃歌 (Ai no Sanka) / Edith Piaf(美輪明宏訳詞)

誕生 (Tanjou) / 中島みゆき (Nakajima Miyuki)

リフレインが叫んでる (Refrain ga Sakenderu) / 松任谷由実 (Yumi Matsutouya) 

異邦人 (Kotokunibito) / 久保田早紀 (Saki Kubota)

ミ・アモーレ(Meu amor e…) / 中森明菜 (Nakamori Akina)

難破船 (Nanbasen) / 中森明菜 (Nakamori Akina)

背徳のシナリオ (Haitoku ni Scenario) / Wink

やさしいキスをして (Yasashii Kiss wo Shite) / DREAMS COME TRUE

それでも明日はやってくる (Soredemo Ashita wa Yattekuru) / 鈴木結女 (Yume Suzuki)

カウントダウン (Countdown) / Cocco

罪と罰 (Tsumi to Batsu) / 椎名林檎 (Shina Ringo)

Cage / 鬼束ちひろ (Onitsuka Chihiro)

鮫 (Same) / 天野月子 (Amanotsukiko)



DIE(hide with Spread Beaver/Ra:IN)




LEVIN(La’cryma Christi)




seek(Psycho le Cému/MIMIZUQ)












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