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Jupiter 「Zeus Tour -JAPAN-」and「Zeus Tour -EUROPE-」2019

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(Tour dates and list of countries)


(Updated Twitter post with venue locations for each stop)



May    9 - Weinheim (Germany) (Venue: Cafe Central)
May 10 - Rotterdam (Netherlands) (Venue: Baroeg)
May 11 - Essen (Germany) (Venue: Turock)
May 12 - London (UK) (Venue: the Underworld)
May 13 - Paris (France) (Venue: Petit Bain)
May 15 - München (Germany) (Venue: Backstage)
May 16 - Pratteln (Switzerland) (Venue: Z7)
May 17 - Montpellier (France) (Venue: SECRET PLACE)
May 18 - Barcelona (Spain) (Venue: Boveda)
May 19 - Madrid (Spain) (Venue: Copernico)


Purchase Tickets Links/Info


May    9 - Weinheim (Germany) (Venue: Cafe Central) 

Link: https://cafecentral.reservix.de/tickets-jupiter-in-weinheim-cafe-central-am-9-5-2019/e1324639

Price: €36.20


May 10 - Rotterdamn (Netherlands) (Venue: Baroeg)

Link: https://baroeg.stager.nl/web/tickets (Scroll down for Jupiter)

Price: €18.00 (+ €1.00 fee) [Pre-sale price]


May 11 - Essen (Germany) (Venue: Turock)

Link: https://www.adticket.de/Turock-Shop.html?format=raw 

Price: (Tickets not available yet.)


May 12 - London (UK) (Venue: the Underworld)

Link: https://www.theunderworldcamden.co.uk/events/2019-05-12-jupiter-the-underworld?fbclid=IwAR2X3xXMoIX0bm2QiMBD7ClEXp4bZi39G_dfyLqvLkHdwYxSZ7WYVmnj3xI

Price: £30.00 (+ £3 fee)


May 13 - Paris (France) (Venue: Petit Bain) 

Link: https://www.access-live.net/jupiter?fbclid=IwAR1Ma3w16nzCWwRzatINKnoYntCDMRLS0UNWH9X0hLBeTe3yKrLgQLwLn4g

Price: €35,00


May 15 - München (Germany) (Venue: Backstage) 

Link: https://www.backstagetickets.eu/?___store=english&___from_store=default 

Price: (Tickets not available yet.)


May 16 - Pratteln (Switzerland) (Venue: Z7)

Link: http://www.z-7.ch/event.php?eventid=1662

Price(s): CHF 39.50/EUR 34.37


May 17 - Montpellier (France) (Venue: SECRET PLACE)

Link: https://www.access-live.net/jupiter?fbclid=IwAR1Ma3w16nzCWwRzatINKnoYntCDMRLS0UNWH9X0hLBeTe3yKrLgQLwLn4g 

Price: (Tickets for Montepellier not available yet.)


May 18 - Barcelona (Spain) (Venue: Boveda)

Link: https://ticketmadness.es/inicio/274-jupiter-barcelona.html?fbclid=IwAR26xLiRLveX8EKhdCBCR9unZEWHiChBbytbMHaxJHHvjIpwONOAER_RKQE

Price: 30,00€ (+2,50€ fee)


May 19 - Madrid (Spain) (Venue: Copernico)

Link: https://ticketmadness.es/inicio/275-jupiter-madrid.html?fbclid=IwAR1AJCIdQ9sAcykn9pyTdGIdvj3Gd4Yjpz-PR0HxXe7V8JdpEGLfi_gg9fc

Price: 30,00€ (+2,50€ fee)




「Zeus Tour -JAPAN-」
2019.3.30 [土] 横浜BAYSIS (Yokohama)
2019.3.31 [日] 西川口Hearts (Tokyo)
2019.4. 6 [土] 京都MUSE (Kyoto)
2019.4. 7 [日] 静岡Sunash (Shizuoka)
2019.4.13 [土] 福岡graf (Fukuoka)
2019.4.14 [日] 岡山IMAGE (Okayama)
2019.4.19 [金] 水戸LIGHT HOUSE (Mito)
2019.4.20 [土] 仙台HOOK (Sendai)
2019.4.27 [土] 大阪RUIDO (Osaka)
2019.4.28 [日] 名古屋ell.FITS ALL (Nagoya)

「Zeus Tour -JAPAN-」FINALE 2days
2019.5. 4 [土] 代官山SPACE ODD (Tokyo)
2019.5. 5 [日] 代官山SPACE ODD (Tokyo)


Source: http://jupiter.jp.net/news/2018/11/22/1612/ and http://jupiter.jp.net/news/2018/11/22/1616/

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Paris' gig will be at Petit Bain while Montpellier's will be at SECRET PLACE.

If you wish to go to Paris', you can order your ticket here (35 euros) :  https://www.access-live.net/jupiter?fbclid=IwAR1Ma3w16nzCWwRzatINKnoYntCDMRLS0UNWH9X0hLBeTe3yKrLgQLwLn4g

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For anyone who is interested in attending the show in London, it will take place at the Underworld (Camden). Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased at the following link: https://www.theunderworldcamden.co.uk/events/2019-05-12-jupiter-the-underworld?fbclid=IwAR2X3xXMoIX0bm2QiMBD7ClEXp4bZi39G_dfyLqvLkHdwYxSZ7WYVmnj3xI


Here is the Facebook event page for more details: https://www.facebook.com/events/210318383203630/

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Updated main post with concert venues for every country, links to purchase tickets, and ticket prices (if available). Some places do not have tickets up for sale yet. Please let me know of any errors/mistakes ^^

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Tour just ended. 


Who's their support bassist?  He's a fun guy. Teru seems more and more serious everytime I see him. Kuze seems to have enjoyed the live, him and the support ba. seemed to be the only ones genuinely into it without diva complex holding them back. Their set list was great, though. It was hard not to have fun even though they lacked a bit of diversity. 


FesFe[M] were pretty fun too, was nice meeting them. Being a smaller band also makes them approachable after the live, a welcome change. 


VII ARC have a lot more energy and stage presence than expected. They still have a long way to go, though. I even feel their drummer went rogue a couple times. 


Fun gig


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