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I can see myself making topics for all my favourite indies bands in the near future. XD I thought I'd start off with gossip. With an -OZ- thread already made, I decided to go for my 2nd fav. indies band. And here it is. So yar.


Gt: Kaname -> Dr: Masami -> Vo: Hiro -> Ba: Takuya -> Gt: Kousuke

(I think that's the order anyway.)


Gossip's music is very similar to Visage's: interesting compositions of heavy rock with a gloomy atmosphere and of course a vocalist with the typical visual kei way of singing.

The similarity between these two bands is no surprise, considering the fact that the singer and songwriter was once the front man of Visage.

Gossip is still young and hasn't released much yet, but you should definitely give them a chance because they're bound to get pretty successful in the future.

From JaME. But I completely disagree with this person about Hiro's vocals being typical. I don't know what whoever the hell typed that up was on at the time, but Hiro has one of the best voices in JRock EVER. He's so easy to distinguish, and so totally deep and haunting, he's amazing. In fact, he's most of the reason why I love them so much.


Former Visage vocalist Hiro started gossip in March 2005. The original line-up consisted of Kaname (former dystopia) and Kaede (former CalorZe) on guitar, UJ (former Joker) on bass and Masami (former Faust) on drums.

After a short period of playing secret lives (unannounced, surprise performances at events mostly), they had their first official concert in May, which was followed by more performances.

Kaede decided to leave the band in June, and joined Vidoll then. He wasn't the only one to leave, as UJ also left the band a few months later.

Haruka supported the band for a while but then left as well. Near the end of 2005, JJ (former Ichigo) joined as the new guitarist, and Takuya (former Pawn) became the bassist of the band.

Finally, in April 2006 the band released a mini-album: Obscene. To promote the release, they toured throughout April, playing in livehouses all across the country. The final concert took place in May, which was also their very first one-man.

Even though they're still a very young band, they seem to have a lot of potential, so be sure to keep an eye on these guys!

Again, from JaME.


Anti Multi

Demo single distribued during live at Takadanobaba AREA.


01. Anti Multi





01 an obscene film

02 frozen darkly

03 Anti Multi

04 into disorder

05 Conservative race

06 give me...

07 male chauvinist pig





01. Planned Plan

02. Sorrow Rain

03. Zanen ~After Smoke~


smell of skin



01. smell of skin

02. karenai hana





01. butterfly

02. crow



01. Shinsou


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I have Newborn, Smell of Skin, and Butterfly. They're pretty good, I didn't really like Newborn as much, the songs are all right, I don't know they seem like they're kind of bad quality though or something, I don't know. But I liked the Smell of Skin single nad the Butterfly single, I think Butterfly was the cooler one, I have them on my roommate's laptop. I haven't tranferred them yet, I also have some VISAGE stuff, they have this one song I really liked, can't recall the title anymore though.

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You didn't like Newborn? Damn, Sorrow Rain's probably my favourite song, too.

I hope that Visage song is Anticipate. I LOVE that song.

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I went through my VISAGE songs and it's actually "?????" or "Tsumetai hana" it's the last track on the same CD. I love the guitar, lol.

OMG edit: Actually Anticipate is amazing. <3

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Oh, yeah! I totally forgot about Tsumetai Hana. Yeah, the guitar is awesome in that.

I actually found another I really like; Koushou. I'm kinda annoyed that they split. Though then there'd be no gossip, lol. I don't know which side I'd take, lol. Visage's or gossip's. I think gossip's stuff is a bit harder though. I think I'd lean more towards them. :/

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Yar, you should.

I wish they'd bring out something new. xD Even though butterfly came out not long ago, but I wanna hear like a mini-album or album of their new kind of stuff. It seems a lot different.

Or at least update their OHP. >_>

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Anyone got the Guren single yet? The cover is pretty cool, looks like a black-shaded version of the Smell of Skin cover.

You can DDL here: JRock4u.com in the music section

Europeans will have better stability and speed cause they only have the server in Europe.

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The Guren single's by Siva. Someone's just written gossip there. D:

Their next single is called Final Call, and it's out on the 8th of August. <3

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I absolutely love the Final Call single. Like love love love love love LOVE it. BUT there is always ONE little problem in their new stuff: Nothing has defeated Sorrow Rain yet. D:

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Yeah, I did it once, but it was on a different forum a while ago. I'll go check if they're still active or not and put them here if they are.

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