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Monochrome Heaven's Little Shop of "Horrors" Trade-Off

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Under My Body - ESIE

I thought this was some German industrial rave song, but the singer is Japanese it seems. It's grimy and synthy and the vocals alternate from speaking to screeching, it's pretty awful. At some points I can imagine some edgy alternative kid just going mental on his keyboard (or whatever makes these beats lmao). The whole time all I can think of is this. It's very amateur, but it ended up being catchy.  :D 3/5


Grave Dancer Punish - BORN

Ugh. What the fuck is this intro? LOL It's like the most basic beat you can get on a school keyboard during music class and the singer just says some horrible sounding bullshit engrish. The guitar is as lifeless as it gets. During the chorus it actually becomes a very generic sounding VK song, so I breathe a sigh of relief. But before long we're back to that god awful engrish rapping, lifeless guitar and crappy ass beat. Woah 🤢2/5




Ahh, sweet gazette. This isn't their best song, but it's bearable. I mean, if there's one thing I cannot stand it's Ruki's engrish because it ruins his voice. But the bass sounds good, it's upbeat  and it's gazette. Even the lowest of their stuff is alright. 3/5


The Circus That Has Brought Us Back To These Nights (Yo Chocola) - The Fall of Troy

Is this a beginner emo band from 2005? Guitar is completely out of tune, singer is completely out of tune. His screaming is redeemable. But the whole song sounds completely disjointed. In the right mood I could let this song play, but otherwise...I'd rather listen to something less ear piercing. 3/5



I never listened to this band before, but I know they're important in the scene. In the start the vocalist is doing his best impression of a schizophrenic gremlim, not a good first impression on me. The chorus is awful, but like, the kind of awful VK that's great. He can't hold a note but I love it. The growling, screaming, etc. improves throughout the song. But the chorus is definitely the best part. There's some good rhythm sections sprinkled in the song. 4/5


Jesus Crisis - Marilyn Manson

I know only a couple of Marilyn songs, he's not someone I'd listen to on a daily basis but I respect the guy because I have an interest in blasphemy and he's the king of that in mainstream media.  It's a catchy song, but pretty weak even looking at the lyrics. I wish it was more blasphemous, considering the title of the track. Yeah, it's alright but it sounds like Marilyn is running out of steam... 3/5


BAAL-ZEBUL - 12012

"I am going craji I am going craji I am going craji!!" Yeah, same :D No, this isn't that bad. But goddamn, this guy's screams are bad. Instrumentally and rhythmically it's good, the intro was promising, but his screams sound like a desperate primate. Maybe I should actually listen to 12012 and make up my mind about them. 3/5

It's that album. I could never get into it because it's too br00tal for me. This song is relentless, but there's a little oasis of clean singing here and there for my ears to rest. I actually really like it and I can appreciate the aggressive parts, the more I listen to it the better it gets. 5/5


Cherry Bonbon - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Make it stop 🤢 Kyary is not a good singer and never will be. Her voice is as flat as it gets. The synths that accompany her are a gamble, sometimes you'll end up with a fun song and sometimes they can be a killing machine of horrible distorted sounds. At least in this song everything is coherent. No out of tune sounds. But then you end up with a lifeless song. Cardboard in musical form. Eating cold porridge during a  grey morning. 1/5

ホテル80F- Saury
Cute song. Future wave (??), sweet beat and some light guitar strumming. It's very upbeat, but it's killing my eardrums. I don't know what happened during production, but this is physically painful to listen to unless it's a very low volume. It's a good track for summer, despite the mosquito sounding vocals. 3/5


I know what @ghost is capable of with his mixtapes. I thought I'd be able to enjoy whatever he put together for this challenging theme, but alas, even someone with impeccable music taste has his weakness. Still! It wasn't all bad, I've definitely heard worse. It's just that I won't be coming back to this collection :D 

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