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Are there YouTube channels that translate Visual Kei interviews????

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Hello , I don't know  a Youtube channel translate visual kei interview.


 You find translates visual kei interview by fan page of band  trough tumblr, Twitter, Facebook or certain websites.

For example,  Nyappy Forever l translate interview of An Cafe in Brazilian and English. ( and they had a channel youtube, and post sometimes translates interviews).


You can read a little interview here ( and they had english version, but they are a  news website of visual kei in French, but some message translated in english ☺️).


Sometimes people summarize interview of visual kei trough Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook.



In general, I listen and watch  the visual kei interview in original on Youtube or on Nico Nico Douga . I understand one ou three things, but many visual kei interview did not translated.

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