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DELUHI new best album + one day revival

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To celebrate DELUHI's 10th anniversary, they will be releasing a new Best Album titled DELUHISM:X with unreleased tracks on December 19


Furthermore, they will be holding a revival live at Akasaka BLITZ next year on April 12


DELUHISM:X Track list:
01.Overture -Yggdalive-
02.Rebel:Sicks, Shadow:Six
03.flow snow
08.Ivory and Irony
09.Remember the rain
11.Baby play 
13.unreleased song
14.Orion once again -09 remix-
15.Freedom -09 remix-


Price: ¥3,240



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Good for them! Hopefully those 'unreleased tracks' (if they are genuinely as-of-yet unheard songs) won't be from the band's latter era tho... ;( 


edit: okay, nevermind, looks like that one unreleased track is from August 2011, around the time of their dissolution... oh well. Hope it won't be boring/cringey.

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Hmmm, seems like a kind of weird choice of songs. Wake up, but no Two Hurt or Revolver Blast? Looking at Vandalism (the last best album), I think they chose the tracks so that there wasn't too much overlap.


Well, kind of underwhelming personally, because I won't see the show unless I win a plane ticket sometime soon. I hoped for a little more, but I guess its better that they're having a revival show than none at all. I mean how hard would it be to bang out like 2 new tracks. heh

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I concur with the underwhelming statement. "Remember the rain" is definitely not one of their best tracks by any stretch of the imagination, and the two remixes are not much to talk about either. This is basically for one new track.

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Pumped for the revival live. Already got my entry in for the ticket lottery so fingers crossed.


As for the album... it's less of a 'best' album and more of a 'here's the rest of the songs we didn't put on VANDALISM'. The reused tracks will be unchanged from VANDALISM, the other old B-sides will be remastered and the new song is an unfinished track they were working on when they disbanded.

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