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Different Release Versions

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Hi, some months ago, I made a list on Discogs about the various versions Japanese music gets released in, thought some here might be interested/help/correct.

Afaik, there's no list like this on the internet, or at least I wasn't able to find one. Of course with Dir en grey releases as examples :^)


  • 通常盤 (Tsūjō-ban) → Regular Version. Includes main CD, sometimes with extras like stickers or so.
    • Example: Pretty much every normal release.
  • 初回盤 (Shokai-ban) → First Press Version. This can mean any of the 初回 below, but it's commonly used as an abbreviation of 初回生産限定盤.
  • 初回生産限定盤 (Shokai Seisan Gentei-ban) → First Press Limited Version. Literally "first-run limited edition production recording". Different cat.-no. than 通常盤.
    • Example: Dir en grey - Vulgar
  • 初回生産分 (Shokai Seisan-bun) → I think this refers to the extras of the 初回生産限定盤. No clue where I found it, though.
  • 初回仕様限定盤 (Shokai Shiyō Gentei-ban) → Initial limited version. Literally "first-run limited edition technical recording". Same cat.-no. as 通常盤.
    • Example: DIR EN GREY - Uroboros [Remastered & Expanded]
  • 初回特殊仕様 (Shokai Tokushu Shiyō) → Initial special specification. Another description for the aforementioned.
    • Example: Dir en grey - 鬼葬
  • 初回封入特典 (Shokai Fūnyū Tokuten) → Initial version with an additional extra, such as a photo card, a sticker or an entrance ticket (応募券) / an entrance postcard (応募ハガキ) for a lottery. Often shortened to 初回特典.
    • Example: Dir en grey - 脈
  • 完全生産限定盤 (Kanzen Seisan Gentei-ban) → Special limited version. Literally "perfect production limited edition". Often the version with most extras.
    • Example: DIR EN GREY - Dum Spiro Spero (LP Version)
  • 完全受注生産限定盤 (Kanzen Juchū Seisan Gentei-ban) → Limited order-only deluxe version. Can only be purchased via online order for a limited time.
    • Example: DIR EN GREY - 輪郭
  • 特殊パッケージ仕様 (Tokushu Package Shiyō) → Means that the jacket is special in some way.
    • Example: DIR EN GREY - Arche
  • スーパージュエルケース仕様 (Super Jewel Case Shiyō) → Means that it comes in a super jewel box.
    • Example: DIR EN GREY - Average Psycho 2
  • 特殊スチールケース仕様 (Tokushu Steel Case Shiyō) → Means that it comes in a special steel case.
    • Example: Dir en grey - Tour05 It Withers And Withers -Bootlegged-
  • 紙ジャケット仕様 (Kami Jacket Shiyō) → Means that it comes in a paper jacket (gatefold).
    • Example: DIR EN GREY - Dozing Green
  • 封入ステッカー (Fūnyū Sticker) → Means that a sticker is included.
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