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FIXER will disband

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FIXER have announced that vocalist Jey will leave the band due to personal reasons and as a result, they have decided to disband.


Their last one-man tour "MEMENTO MORI" will be held throughout January next year and culminate at Takadanobaba AREA on January 30


Two new albums are also set to be released - 2nd full album "FIXER II" and best album "ERs"


The members' Individual comments have been made on their LINE blog



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Well fuck. This really sucks.


I'm kind of curious about what their best album will contain, though. Based on their first album, I'd imagine FIXER II will essentially be a collection of things they've released since joining Starwave, which means the best album will either contain songs that are also on FIXER II, or will more or less be a third release of their first album. Unless they have a whole bunch of new songs for the second album (which would be amazing) I can't really imagine the best album containing much they won't have already released between their 2 albums.


Also this news has completely ruined my day, just felt I should point that out.

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oh well... i liked them and was waiting for Jey to come back after ReivieR diabandment since forever. 

i wonder what's the reason for Jey to leave....

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They were good before they joined Starwave, after that they became boring and I lost interest in them. 

I still hope to see the members in new projects in the future

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