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I've been a fan of Visual Kei for more than 10 years now. My love for Visual Kei really started with Alice Nine. They were my favorite band for the majority of my teen years, I even had a Twitter account simply dedicated to them (@AliceNineWorld for anyone that might remember!). I would  also try to discover new bands daily, listen to VK 24/7 and just emerge myself in anything Visual Kei. However back in 2014, my interest for it just slowly started to fade and left the scene all together.  I just felt Iike major bands were experimenting with sounds I did not enjoy and newer bands all sounded the same to me. You could say VK died for me that year. But occasionally, I would go back and check up on bands that I still had some interest in, such as Dir en Grey, Diaura, BUCK-TICK, and sometimes A9. 


Fortunately, this summer my love for Visual Kei resurged once again. Coming back into it and trying to catch up with everything I missed in the past four years has been overwhelming haha. The amount of older bands that have disbanded has come as a complete shock, but the newer bands that are starting out have seriously brought in new life to Visual Kei that I personally think really needed. In my opinion, I think we might be reaching a renaissance of Visual Kei, and that absolutely excites me!


All in all, I joined this forum because I wanted to be part of a community in which I could keep up with news and talk with other fellow fans. Visual Kei has always been a huge part of my life growing up, so coming back into it almost feels like coming back home.

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29 minutes ago, Chi said:

hello and welcome to MH listen to kuroyuri to kage even tho they disbanded already x

Thank you! 😊


I'm currently listening to them and their style is right up my ally! A bit upset they disbanded tho! Thank you for the recommendation!

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