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DIAURA new mini-album, "DEFINITION" release

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4 hours ago, -NOVA- said:

wow.. the feels, this is the type of song bands release as a last single or as a goodbye. 

I hope im just overthinking it but that was beautiful ❤️ 

They just switched the the label that Mejibray was on so that's not it at all. They are just on fire like always ^_^.

UNLESS It's saying goodbye to AINS .-.

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Now available on OTOTOY

TYPE A: https://ototoy.jp/_/default/p/241070

TYPE B: https://ototoy.jp/_/default/p/241071


Everything here sounds great! Didn't think I was gonna like 断頭台から愛を込めて, but it sounds marvellous! Judging by the previews, this mini should surpass VERSUS. First song on both types are great, I can't decide which one is a better opener.

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