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New band 午前零時。(Gozenreiji.) new mini-album "アヤシテ?" (Ayashite?) release

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"死ニタガリ"(Shinitagari) will change to New formal band 午前零時。(Gozenreiji.).



Vo.夊 (Sui) https://twitter.com/gozenreiji_Sui

Gt.捺 (Natsu) https://twitter.com/gozenreiji_Natsu

Gt.瑶 (You) https://twitter.com/gozenreiji_you

Ba.会 (Kai) https://twitter.com/gozenreiji_Kai

Dr.賭 (Kakeru) https://twitter.com/gozenreiji_kkr


their new mini-album "アヤシテ?" (Ayashite?) will be released at 2018/09/23 (7 songs, 2160yen)



M01.午後23時59分59秒。(Gogo 23-ji 59-bu 59-byou.)

M02.アヤシテ? (Ayashite?)

M03.僕らはみんな生きている。(Bokura wa Minna Ikiteiru.)

M04.ユメミルクスリ (Yumemiru Kusuri)

M05.みつけた。 (Mitsuketa.)

M06.What can i help you with?

M07. Let`s sing a song


they will hold their live "午前零時。初主催" at 2019/01/27 at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE





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wow i absolutely love this, the video and their outfits are all well done. They did not cheap out one bit. And of course the song is super catchy its had to get that chorus out of my head ? ne? lol


I may pick this up :) 


@Yukimoto What do you think? 



SIDE NOTE: Tracks 4 - 7 are the 1st and 2nd single.



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On 9/23/2018 at 12:39 AM, saishuu said:




when you take song titles from random basic English textbook lessons

Based on their #aesthetic and the general theme of this band, I think "Let's Sing a Song" is most likely taken from DEZERT lyrics lol



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