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ギルド (GUILD) Gu.YOSHIHIRO has departed, Vo.RYUICHI has rejoined and Gu.TAKASHI (ex-カメレオ (Kameleo)) has joined

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ギルド (GUILD) Gu.YOSHIHIRO has departed at 2018/8/25 and Vo.RYUICHI rejoined the band at the same date.


Gu.TAKASHI (ex-ARTS-->カル・ヴァリ (Kalvary)-->カメレオ (Kameleo) has joined at 2018/9/1.



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their new live-limited single "ベルガモット" (bergamot) (2 types, 1500 yen) will officially be released during their live tour starting on February 8.


The title song has been made available for download at Oricon Music since 1/4



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