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My band Tides Away (new EP out)

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Hi all,


My  band Tides Away has a new EP out called Dissimilar. We experiment with a lot of different genres, including EDM, gothic rock, metal, and folk. 


Some of you may be familiar with my work with Licht:noir'e here (a band I started through MH), and you all know that I have a lot of VK influence in my songwriting, some of which carries over to this band as well. 


You can listen to the EP here:  https://tidesaway.bandcamp.com/releases


You can find us on Soundcloud here


You can find us on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/tidesaway/



The EP is also available on Apple Music, iTunes, and Spotify.





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1 minute ago, Peace Heavy mk II said:

This sounds really good!



Not sure if this will help, but: http://smarturl.it/tidesAwayDissimilar


You can use that link to direct people to a landing page with all of the different places they can hear / buy your album.


I was not aware of this service, that does help! Is that a link generated automatically? I've not heard of smartURL before.

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