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The Piass

モルヒネ(Morphine) new mini album 「依存症ストロベリー」 release

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Their new mini album 「依存症ストロベリー」(Izon shô strawberry) will be released on 2018.10.24. On 2018.09.25, a live will be held to celebrate れま(Rema)'s birthday at IkebukuroEDGE. 

On 2018.11.27-28 (Shinjuku Holiday) and 2018.12.26-27 (Takadanobaba AREA), the band will have four lives.

Their second one man live will be hold at Takadanobaba AREA on 2019.01.27.



Tracklist :

1.依存症ストロベリー(Izon shô strawberry)

2.無理でした。(Muri deshita)


4.理由 (Riyû)


6.幸福論(Kôfuku ron)



















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Theoretically I should like this, just don't. It'd actually be better without the terrible metalcore riffs, 'cause I like the chorus and the stuff the vocalist does is fine and the image is good. Can't wait for Mathilda to save us from this 

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not sure yet if i should follow them more closely until i received their collection album so i know their entire/most? of their discography but so far this song sounded really nice! actually this song reminded me a lot of something スタア区。 could've done...

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I wonder if they purposely tried to mix as many different vk styles as possible.

That poppish intro, that Yumeleep like start riff, pop vk verse, metal bridge, i dont even have a word for the chorus and then even a part that sounds straight out of any angura/eroguro song.

Really interested in this!

The scream at the end from the last song on their mini last year was my favorite scream of 2017!

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41 minutes ago, jon_jonz said:

Are we really not gonna talk about the fact that blue haired dude is putting a fork up the doll's pussy ?

obligatory "eating the pussy" joke


also this song is fuckin weird

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