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[SELLING/TRADING] My Lareine, Kamijo spares.

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During all this years I accumulated a few spares that now I'd like to trade for stuff I'm looking for (instead of leaving them forgotten on a shelf) NOW TAKING PRICE OFFERS TOO.


What I have up for trade:


Kamijo - “Louis” single reg. edition first press (with obi, card and autograph card) almost mint condition






Kamijo - “Louis“ single limited ed. type B first press (with obi, card and autograph card) almost mint condition





-Versailles group postcard from CDJapan





-Lareine “Metamorphose“ (missing obi) gently used condition





-Lareine “Reine de Fleur II“ (with obi) *SOLD*






What I'm looking for: Lareine,New Sodmy, Versailles, Kamijo. All the stuff NOT underscored in purple on my Google doc plus: flyers, cards, postcards, fanclub magazines, buttons etc. If you have something you don't see mentioned in the document feel free to ask anyway because I might be looking for it and don't know/forgot.




Lareine and New Sodmy stuff have the hightest priority of looking for, Versailles hight priority and Kamijo (solo) the lowest (this doesn't mean you cannot offer Kamijo's stuff, only that I'll ask you to wait untill I'm sure no one is offering something I'd gave more priority).


Reine de Fleur II I'd like to swap for Reine de Fleur I or something in the like, no merch please.



I'd prefer to swap inside Europe, but might consider overseas offers depending on the case.



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Do you really own two copies of their first demo?

That's insane!

I recently got one for a few hundreds.

Only one version exists tho, not two release dates.



Oh wait the spreadsheet in NOT purple is what you want lol!



I have basically EVERY audio and video release, and every version/print of it. Except for:

Vampire Romance 2nd press, with Present Letos FC version (have venue ver), 蒼の巣窟 and 月の狩人 VHS, Making Clips (2005) and 剣の舞 DVD, and LEGEND OF FANTASY.

And all with OBI if exists. Also there are some important releases like THE LAST OF ROMANCE I and Last Song DVD that are also very rarely mentioned that I own.


And for the rest I have 10+ message cassettes and CDs that are mentioned nowhere, on no blogs, not on discogs, not on the wikia.


LAREINE is one of my favourite bands ever, and my favourite to collect. But this journey has costed me 100s of Euros, the 1st demo the most. It only shows up on sale once every 5-10 years, and usually for hundreds of euros, so best of luck finding it!


Sorry that I'm not trading or selling anything, it is just too dear to me, and I hope your journey in LAREINE collecting will be great! Even with the internet and all these tools it's so hard to find stuff, because there's so much expensive and rare releases that show up rarely too. It's really a commitement hehe, checking sales pages every day for a long time.



I noticed some weird info in your spreadsheet, there's a crapton of misinformation about LAREINE releases online. I'm currently working on a LAREINE website with a lot of info, scans, discography and so on to get definitve info that people can trust. I think I'm in a good position to do that because of my collection, I can verify info, and not get it from sketchyJ rock blogs. Even Wikipedia and the VK wiki have a lot of mistakes with LAREINE, it's really shameful. So to correct: TSUKIYOHE NO SYOUTAI doesn't exist, is a mistranslation, and Laliene 1st demo has only one version.

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IF ONLY! (about the demo)😆


No, my collection is much smaller because even though I collect Lareine material since like around 2005, I'm on a budget and I did not have direct access to the japanese second hand market till now, so I needed to be VERY patient to wait for the right occasions (=sales with NOT too overinflated prices). The list is full of errors because I don't speak japanese, so I must rely on cross-checked informations from different western sources sadly (When I find different dates for the same item I put two differen versions when I'm not sure it's an error or they are speaking about two different prints), but I'm always open to corrections. 

I don't lie to myself thinking I'll be able to complete it (not with my budget), but I like to see what I have and what I still need looking for, and I like that sensation when I mark down some more difficult to find item.


Congratulations over your collection! I know it was very hard work for you.

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I'm interested in buying your XDDL 93230 Billet promo version.

I'm going to be honest..... I did not know it existed.

I have the other promo version, and I thought I was complete lol.


Since the only notable LAREINE double I have is ROMANCIA sampler, but you already have it, I can offer you money. You can choose yourself how much you ask. How much did you pay for it? I will give more then what you paid. Maybe continue this in PMs?


Also: Laliene demo tape released the 29th august: It was distributed on their SECOND concert, four days after the first. This is one of the biggest LAREINE misconceptions that almost everyone believes. It's also 100% sure 2ND DEMO, not DEMO. I saw you writing: (2nd) DEMO, which shows hesitation. Every official mention of the tape says 2ND clearly before it: The rare history book Blue Romance era, and the advertisment flyer for the demo both clearly say 2ND DEMO as title.


I can correct more in your google sheet if you want! Or answer any questions or doubts you have, but of course I do that 100% free lol.

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I'm sorry, but that promo is not for sale, it's also like one of my favorite piece of my collection. I bought it like 8/10 years ago and never seen another one around here in the western market.



So theirs first concerts were in august, not in march?

About the 2ND Demo, I'm writing it that way because I give priority to how it's written on the cover (DEMO) but at the same time acknoledge that the official form is "2nd DEMO". It all makes sense in my head, don't worry. 😅 


If you have other corrections on my list I would gladly take them, send me a pm when you have time and feel like doing it, please.

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