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9 hours ago, platy said:

Koichi's looks are unintentionally spooky and unsettling. Along with their soundtrack, it will no doubt be a panic inducing Halloween experience. 

I can't decide if they will really be spooky or if pink unicorns that fart glitter will be the background dancers..... 

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25 minutes ago, libertine said:

From Instant Cup Kuroyume to Satsuki Served Between Two Pieces of Wonder Bread. Yeah, that's pretty tragic.


From Dollar Store Frozen Takeru to whatever this is... Aldrich the Devourer of Gods? This could be what VK needs right now. The First Flame must be rekindled.

8psub sandwich coming right up!! 😋😋😋

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On 12/1/2018 at 12:19 AM, yuugure said:

How much botox has he had? His face doesn't move.

And it's even leaking out! 😱

Can't you see all the oil/botox on his face in all his instagram videos! 


This or he wants to add extra sparkle with this oil...


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