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[POLL] Do you think a daily updated Visual Kei releases calendar is useful ?

Visual Kei releases calendar  

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  1. 1. Do you think a daily updated Visual Kei releases calendar is useful ?

    • Yes, it could be really useful to know when my favourite CD/DVD will be released (maybe in order to buy it later)
    • No, it isn't really necessary

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I propose to make a new topic for the releases calendar. I'm ready to complete it everyday with the new releases announcement. I remembered Trombe did that on the news section and it was really usefull !


there is the "upcoming event" section but I think there is a lack of updates.


For example, what I made for July :





Release date unknown :

マゼラン (Mazeran) - Ashley [single]
R指定 (R-Shitei) - 死海文書 (Shikaimonjo) [album]
MEIDARA - てんやわんや (Tenyawanya) [single]

07/01 :

外道反逆者 ヤミテラ (Gedou Hangyakusha Yamitera) - 夕闇 (Yuuyami) [single]

07/04 :

BLESS THIS MESS - blind circus [mini-album]
ラヴェーゼ (Labaiser) - 零ノ鼓動 (Rei no Kodou) [single]
コドモドラゴン (Codomo Dragon) - 棘 (Toge) [single]
ペンタゴン (Pentagon) - マントラ (Mantra) [single]
メリーバッドエンド(Merry Badend) - 生殖ノ経典 (Seishoku no Kyouten) [single]
Magistina Saga - Brand New World [single]

07/11 :

ヘクトゥ (Hector) - Titre inconnu [CD]
コントラリエ (Contrarie) - 感傷モウメント (Kanshou Moment) [single]
lynch. - XIII [album]
己龍 (Kiryu) - 無垢 (Muku) [single]
CLACK inc. - 大嫌い。(Daikirai.) [single]
Leetspeak monsters - Monster’s Theater [album]
Scarlet Valse - Flames [CD]
Roub - サリドマイド (Thalidomide) [single]
シグマメモリア (Sigma Memoria) - INNOCENCE [album]

07/13 :

ヘルタースケルター (Helter Skelter) - 斜陽 (Shayou) [single]

07/16 :

CANIVAL - Black theater (sound remake ver.) [mini-album]

07/17 :

Ravecraft - Waiting for the Messiah [single]

07/18 :

Starwave Records - Starwave Records Vol.6 [DVD]
ディオーラ (DIAURA) - 運命開化 (Unmei Kaika) [single]
アンドゥー (UNDEUX) - 不適切ナ、ボクラノ雑音集 (Futekisetsu na, Bokura no Zatsuonshuu) [mini-album]
DADAROMA - 僕はアンドロイド (Boku wa Android) [single]
Kaya - Monday Monday [single]
KAMIJO - Sang 〜君に贈る名前〜 (Sang〜Kimi ni Okuru Namae〜) [single]

07/19 :

シェルミィ (Shellmy) - うずまき (Uzumaki) [mini-album]

07/21 :

Rides In ReVellion - 「ANOXIA」BEFORE BEYOND THE HORIZON Ver [live-distributed]

07/24 :

the Raid. - 籠女唄 (Kagome Uta) [single]

07/25 :

Laugh and Rock - Titre inconnu [album]
Plastic Tree - インサイドアウト (Inside Out) [single]
FIXER - 2017.12.04 Shibuya REX dual emotions ARBITER [DVD]
-真天地開闢集団-ジグザグ (Zigzag) - 帰りたいけど帰れない (Kaeritai kedo Kaerinai) [single]
Initial'L - Can You Feel It? [single]
MUCC - 時限爆弾 (Jigen Bakudan) [single]
SHIVA - PHANTOM [single]
未完成アリス (Mikansei Alice) - Nana~私の中の7人の少女~" (Nana~Watashi no Naka no Shichinin no Shoujo~) [single]
kaine. - 僕らのユーフォリア (Bokura no Euphoria) [mini-album]

07/28 :

XA-VAT - K-I-S [mini-album]
メトロノーム (Metronome) - 廿奇譚AHEAD (Nijuukitan AHEAD) [album]
キズ (Kizu) - ステロイド (Steroid) [single]
Rides In ReVellion - 「衝動DIRTY」(Shoudou DIRTY) BEFORE BEYOND THE HORIZON Ver [live-distributed]




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After giving it some thought, I think this is quite useful. Instead of having to update the actual onsite calendar with tracklist info (especially with multitype releases), this is much easier to manage, and I think it has the potential to be updated more frequently than the other calendar because of that.

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I'd much prefer this format. Even w/ event stream format, I don't like how bulky the calendar system is. 

It might take some work, but I think hyperlinking the album names (or "[PREVIEW]") to a PV or preview would be super helpful too.


I'm assuming it's one thread w/ multiple posts for each month?


I've always wanted to do one w/ smaller J-indie bands in a similar month format since I often forget when certain releases come out and never end up listening to them ;_; . I'm following enough channels/playlists (Audioleaf, iPodofMine, and YT sugg.) on YT to where the algorithm gives me a constant stream of new stuff, so it would be pretty easy to do if I get the "go-ahead".  

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i personally don't need one cuz for at least 7-8 years now i have my own list where i write absolutely every release down which gets annunced and i am intersted in buying so i don't fortget about them...

but for people who don't do that - which are probable 90% - this would be pretty useful i guess.

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It's useful to write down the end of the year shit thing. 

Also if you wanna check something back it's damn useful. 


I still keep up with the new band/disbanded list. won't be 100% accurate but at least 95% of the vkei bands will be on it. (however without the start/disbandment date)



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It might be useful for smaller releases, by this I mean bands who are not as known as DIR EN GREY, GAZETTE or lynch. for examples, since I think for band as DEG, people would not need reminder for

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On 6/30/2018 at 2:40 AM, Shaolan974 said:

So what is the next step ? 30 people think it's a good idea :) 

The next step would be to start one and see if it's something that you wouldn't mind doing every day, and  if its useful or not.

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