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monochrome heaven's ~chill the fuck out~ trade-off

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1 hour ago, YuyoDrift said:

Don’t worry bout it lol


If anyone wants to still sign up, I will join the trade-off to make it even.


@saishuu change your mind yet? Lol

Nah, I'm still out. Wouldn't be able to put together a review. Sorry!

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7 hours ago, indigo said:

If @YuyoDrift wants I can send them a mix but it's purely J-hip-hop. XD

Do it. haha.


No but seriously, I'll sit this trade off out as well.

I've had a hard time getting to my PC (and my IRL work as well) this last weekend. 

I'll still put together my mix just in case anyone volunteers to trade, but no pressure. haha.

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1 minute ago, YuyoDrift said:

I'll still put together my mix just in case anyone volunteers to trade, but no pressure. haha.


I don't mind making another mixtape and being a double agent if everyone is busy. I have enough music and time to procrastinate so hit me up :)

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I guess I'll get the ball rolling. @Zeus was my partner and he blessed my ears with some classic vk tracks!




Chill Mix #3





01. "Future" by Gackt
Gackt's voice really flows like silk over the guitars and strings in this track. This is from a Gackt album I'm not familiar with, but nonetheless exactly what I expect from seeing Gackt's name on a "chill" mix. Even though it still has his penchant for drama, it's toned down in comparison to most of his other songs I've heard. I enjoyed it! :_7/10_:


02. "nameless song" by Ruvie
Not gonna lie, Ruvie is one of those bands I appreciate but never took the time to investigate musically. I've known of them almost as long as I've known about VK, so it's a real shame. Hearing this track makes me even more mad at myself for not exploring their discography. Maybe some backtracking is in order. I also think my music tastes around the its release may have hindered my enjoyment of a song like this back then whereas I've grown to appreciate more lighter music in my old age (cough). The song is simple but solid and the guitars are bright as the sun and the snare drum soars above everything. You'd think the production would feel a bit suffocating with everything pushed to the front sonically, but it works for them and gives a real optimistic overtone (maybe that would change if I got my hands on a lyric translation, I don't always trust happy sounding songs to not have bittersweet lyrics when it comes to vk). :_7.5/10_:


03. "a deathlike sentence" by DI3SIRAE
More songs from the golden era! I wanted to love DI3SIRAE so much, but I only ever had a couple of songs. Listening back like this, they still hold up! Maybe the guitars in this track are a little too bright and there's a little ear fatigue after more than one listen, but otherwise still a really nice track and it makes me miss my old dead hard drive that had their songs on it. :_6/10_:


04. "coil" by cocklobin
Did you add them knowing I ADORE cocklobin? I still have this CD and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have it buried with me, tbh. "coil" is a great pick from them too, I love how the bass and guitars trade off these walking melodies all up and down this song. And Nigu's harmonies; it's so fkn gorgeous and majestic. This band deserved to be huge and, quite frankly, I'm still bitter about it. :_10/10_:

05. "蛇蠱(hebimiko) by 陰陽座 (Onmyo-za)
Another band I'm not the most educated about but have always respected the name because it's obvious their musicianship is amazing. Everything is pristine and clean and feels positively gigantic whether it's a melodic song like this or balls-to-the-wall metal. Everything seems meticulously planned and executed with extreme attention to detail. Sometimes this feels too polished and I start tuning out. And not just with Onmyo-za, but other symphonic or theatrical metal bands like Aldious and Versailles as well, in spite of the resonant atmosphere, sometimes everything being on eleven forfeits dynamics and a chance for the song to change directions or grow. At least, that's the case for me with this song and other songs I've heard from them in the past. They're great, just not my cup of tea. :_5/10_:


06. "交響詩FREEDOMイ短調(koukyou shi FREEDOM i tanchou)" by A
A is doing a great job bridging the songs like Gackt and Onmyo-za with the more stripped down vk tracks. These '09 & '10 vk songs are really making me miss that old hard drive. Someone build a time machine and send me back, please! The somber piano and lamenting vocals in this song really send me into my feels. Especially when the momentum in the verses build you up to come crashing back down again. It is so so so SO good. :_9/10_:


07. "Vengeance from Dark -Unplugged Ver.-" by SILENT DIFFERENCE
I've never heard of this band before, so thank you for that. I also see them tagged as "metalcore" so I got immediately excited as well. Then I discovered it is a piano version of a metalcore song, stripped down and raw and I'm in love with it (I really need to look up the original version now). Back to back six-minute-plus tracks could have been intimidating, but the piano works as an interlude of sorts and it feels like I'm having my palate cleansed for part two of this epic sonic adventure. :_8.5/10_:


08. "海の静寂(uma no shijima)" by downy
I'm real hit and miss with downy. I like most of what they do, but their style can also be disorienting for me too. Though, with that said, I do like this song. Maybe I should check this album out. I have the fifth untitled, and kind of stopped there when only a song or two resonated with me. But this may be the gentle push to try more. Also, I'm sad to hear they lost their guitarist this year. RIP. :_7.5/10_:


09. "天使(tenshi)" by 9GOATS BLACK OUT
You can't go wrong with early 9GBO. And this sexy, slow nagoya kei suits the theme so well. I'd say more about it but I think everyone on this forum should know this song already and seriously if they don't they need to reevaluate their life choices. :_9.5/10_:


10. "Two Weeks" by Strapping Young Lad
This is not at all what I expected when I saw the name Strapping Young Lad come up. The Pink Floyd worship is real (but not a bad thing! Not at all). I had to google them to be sure I was right thinking they were a crazy metal kind of band... but then I saw Devin Townsend was a member, and I'm familiar with him from his later work. So then this all made a lot more sense. And made me feel a little stupid lol. But at any consolation, it was nice. Maybe not that exciting, but nice. And it does well transitioning into the final track for the mix so it fits here perfectly. :_6.5/10_:


11. "OMINOUS" by the GazettE
While "ominous" and "chill" seem like they couldn't be farther from each other on the relaxation spectrum, this is one of my favorite recent GazettE offerings. All the weird analog samples, synths, punchy drums, and crunchy guitars totally steal the show on this one. It's a big, bad, album closer and serves the same purpose here swelling and swelling until the exploding catharsis in the final bridge and solos just send the track into the stratosphere so far it can't even end, it has to fade out into oblivion. And I'm emotionally exhausted, but I regret nothing. :_9/10_:


While this mix proves that "chill" is relative lol, there were some moments of calmness, and introspection highlighted by more emotionally intense ones. Just like when you're cooking and different ingredients work together to emphasize another. A little salt makes sugar even sweeter. Thanks for being my partner this time around. I can't believe it's been how many years now and we finally got matched up! lol.


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comment @rekzer


01. "Towa (feat. Ryuichi)" by SUGIZO
The prelude sounds like a song from the future, and then it's a little bit like the guitar sound background of "LUNA SEA - THE SLAIN", and the middle begins with a "hopeful feeling" until the end, and overall it is more suitable For "new" World" song.:_9/10_:


02. "雨上がりの優歌" by sukekiyo
To be honest, when "京" formed this band, I completely failed to understand the meaning of all the songs of "sukekiyo". It should be said to be too esoteric, because it does not sound like music, it is more like " Peking Opera" and its melody. It is an ups and downs, biased towards hysteria, and overall it is more suitable for "high IQ people" listening songs.:_7/10_:


03. "Color" by COЯE THE CHILD
Among the 14 songs, one of my favorite ones. Very comfortable rhythm, as if the songs of "Piano" are very good? The feeling that makes people want to continue listening, is also very suitable for songs that they listen to when they relax .:_10/10_:


04. "トリック" by THE MADCAP LAUGHS
This song is more suitable for music in the "clothing shop" store, the melody is too monotonous, the only advantage is to enter the feeling of the second half.:_5/10_:


05. "零-ゼロ-" by girugamesh
This one for me, I can't listen to this song in a relaxed situation, because it has rock, The only you hear, the more you have the spirit, the only advantage is that the second half gradually disappears.:_6/10_:


06. "道しるべ" by GaGaalinG
It sounds like "Shocking Lemon" (girls version), but I think it's better to listen to "Shocking Lemon" than listening to this one.:_6/10_:


07. "Niji" by SPYAIR
↑As if the sixth song sounds like the "Shocking Lemon" band, it still feels better to listen to "Shocking Lemon.":_6/10_:


08. "アロー" by H△G
Sounds like the theme song of an anime. It seems to be off topic?!:_4/10_:


09. "奴隷" by 黒夢
The orchestra has been debuting for a long time, and the songs have always been lyrical. This sensation has been repeated until the end of the same melody, Be a brainwashing song.:_8/10_:


10. "Miss You" by Head Phones President
If this song deletes the "Roar" part, it will sound better.:_1/10_:


11. "Mementos" by Chasing Nomads
Like the music in the "clothing shop" store, this is a brisk type and is really suitable for clothing stores.:_5/10_:


12. "Heide" by MUCC
Does MUCC have this kind of song? It doesn't sound like MUCC's own style! It completely changed the traditional concept.:_5/10_:


13. "Rosso & Dry" by SiM
Half-rock songs, but also with electronic music, but still suitable for "clothing shop" music...:_5/10_:


14. "Solo" by Puya
How do I suddenly remember the "Luis Fonsi - Despacito ft.Daddy Yankee", the Spanish melodies seem to be similar.:_3/10_:


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